How To Remove Upper Lip Hair At Home


I have thick hair on my upper lips and I have face hair growth.I get threading done but is there any home remedy which can be used or any other alternative which you are aware off ?


how to remove upper lip hair at home



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  1. Use hip hop facial waxing strips for ure upperlip. simple and quick…..They are good but learn how to use it or else you will end up with ingrowths on ure face!

  2. I have thick hair on my upper lips .. I prefer waxing to threading/razor .. Also get a waxing done after a week after ur periods are over .. Hair removal will not pain much ..
    Continuous waxing will reduce the thickness of the hair ..
    Hope this helps …

        • Hi Shreya…pretty informative video…though I am still skeptical abt waxing coz I have sensitive skin…I break out just for a day or two after threading..Havent yet tried epilation though…Have a Braun epilator with a facial hair removal head….since u have already tried it…Do u think I should actually gear up some guts and give it a try!!!

          • I can not wax my legs and arms coz I break out. On my face its as gud as threading.. I get one or two red spots by threading as well. Do a patch test na, on your “beard area” 😛 on ur chin/ jawline.

    • Shradha … isnt it painful to use tweezers on upper lips…I use them for my eyebrows and they dont hurt at all…I have thin hair on UL…

  3. Wel I thnk tweezers fr those who hv thin hairs …i guess thz area is less sensitiv thn eys…n fr thick hairs waxin is btr…al gone in one go….


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