How To Reverse Grey Hair


How To Reverse Grey Hair

The main reasons behind greying of hair can vary from nutrition deficiency to lack of proper hair care, to genetic problem. So in order to deal with the issue first find out what is causing the greying of your hair.

Proper Nutrition:


Nutrients like Vit B12, Vit C, Zinc, Protein, Omega3  all these are extremely important for your hairs health. So in order to fight problems like greying of hair you must take in the adequate amount of these nutrients. Eats fruits like lemons and oranges, they are rich in Vit C, green leafy vegetables are full of zinc and magnesium and other important minerals. Fishes are a good source of omega 3 fatty acid. So include all these in your regular diet to reverse greying. You can or else take in supplementary pills to suffice the requirement. But before you take in pills consult your doctor first.


Thyroid can be a cause behind greying of hair. In that case get your thyroid level checked and start taking medication as per your doctor’s advice


Stress is a huge reason behind greying of hair. Try and reduce your stress level by practicing yoga and mediation. This will calm you down. Plus yoga has its other benefits too. It helps to keep your entire system work properly. Which means it also helps regulate the secretion of the hormones and helps in the synthesis of the products necessary to keep our hair healthy and prevent t from greying.

In case the root cause to the greying is genetic then you can go for coloring. This will help you hide the greys. But instead of using chemical dyes you can use henna packs and coffee dye.

Amla, Shikakai, Methi Mix:

amla+shikakai+methi mix

Apply a mix of amla+shikakai+methi to your hair. Take equal amount of the three powders and mix it with water to form a thick paste. Now apply the paste onto your hair and leave it on for and hour. Regular usage of this pack will reduce the greying of hair.

Mix of Coconut and Olive oil:


This is another excellent therapy to reverse greying of hair. Just take equal amount of the two oils and massage it into the scalp. You can either leave it on overnight or wash off after 2- 2 n ½ hours.

Quit Smoking:

Quit smoking to reverse greying of hair. For the free radicals released with smoke prevents and hampers melanin production. Which is the main pigment that lends colour to our hair.

Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil:

baba ramdev products coconut oil

Curry leaves are a great solution for reversing premature greying. You can either include them in your daily diet, or boil handful of curry leaves in coconut oil and use this oil to massage your scalp.

Proper intake of Vit C:

lemon and cucumber shampoo

This helps fight hair greying as well. Oranges, limes, carrots, etc all are rich sources of Vit C. Take in as much Vit C as possible. For not only does it help reverse greying but it also helps improve the general health of your hair, making glossier, shinier and healthier.

Stop eating junk food:

Junk food makes you more prone to greying of hair. Neither should you starve yourself in order to achieve the size zero figure. Proper diet is extremely important if you want to reverse the greying of hair. Taking in adequate amount of nutrition from all the five food groups is very important.

These were some of the tips that might help you to reverse the greying of hair.

Which tip do you find useful?

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