How To Rock The Glossy Eyelids Trend?


How To Rock The Glossy Eyelids Trend?

Hello Ladies,

So you all must have heard about the glossy lips & that lip glosses can make you thin lips look plump & alluring! But the latest trend these days is the Glossy Eyelids which is something everyone is looking forward to try! Even a novice who is clueless, about where the eye shadow is actually applied, can totally wear the Glossy lids to every happening party of the season!

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How To Rock The Glossy Eyelids Trend

The look is really effortless to do and the results? Sensuous & class apart eye game & you definitely get so many compliments for sporting the latest eye makeup trend! 🙂

From Bollywood divas to top models, everyone is wearing this Glossy lid trend & you know what it is totally wearable for all the eye makeup lovers! Just admire few of your favorites flaunting their glossy lids & checkout ho you too can wear it to the New Year bash! 🙂

the glossy lids trend

The matte eye shadow & glitter are always a hit but somehow this glossy lid trend is an everyday perfect look you can wear to a trip to the mall, a brunch date or a night out at a bar!

So, lets see how to totally recreate your own glossy eyelids for the parties you are looking forward to attend! 🙂

glossy eyelid trend

Steps To Do Glossy Lids-

  • Glossy Lids is going to be really easy! You just need to use a pastel eye shadow apply it with soft hands on the crease area. Now top it up with a clear eye gel to give that translucent look to the eyes!
  • Eye Primer is really a must have because it cannot look dry & flaky at all.
  • The glossy lids do not need to be perfect as that is where it is very different from the usual matte or glitter eye makeup looks. You can even go over with the glossy lids. However you cannot with matte or glitter eye makeup. So, you need to be perfect with your hands because a little here & there can make the whole look a big faux pas!

glossy eyelids

  • You can even use a little oil or petroleum jelly on top of the eye shadow. It gives that gloss to your eyes!
  • A suitable oil which doesn’t irritate your eyes can also be used easily. In case, you cannot afford a high-end eye gloss smudger or eye gloss varnish, use an oil.
  • Apply a soft brown eyeliner with such a glossy eyelid to give more dimension to the eyes!
  • You can go bold with the shade of eye shadow for a more glamorous look.

tips to rock the glossy lid

  • Choose to keep your lips mainly matte if you are going to opt for the Glossy eyelids because the contrast of this makeup is what makes your overall face look appealing! Otherwise it will just look like you went too far with the gloss! A big NO!
  • The rest of the face can be subtle with cream blush, highlighter & natural looking matte foundation to give a natural dewy look!

tips to do glossy lids

Well, I am sure all these looks & tips will help you to create a glossy lid look on yourself!

Have you tried the Glossy Lid Eye Look before?


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