How To Rock The Shimmery Eye Makeup Look


How To Rock The Shimmery Eye Makeup Look

The fall is approaching with all the much awaited festivals and for all those pretty ladies wishing to add that glamour quotient or that extra jazz to their looks, I would say shimmers all the way. Yes dears, I dab of glitters and shimmery eye shadows on the right areas, can actually accentuate your entire look to a different level altogether. But you have to be very careful when using shimmers for makeup.

Today I’ll be sharing some tips and treats to rock shimmery eye makeup. So want to know what are the things to be kept in mind while applying them and most importantly how to apply them in the correct way without looking like a Christmas tree? Let us go through the post!

Choose colors:

eye makeup tutorial inglot body sparkles 64+Inglot shimmer eye makeup+Eye makeup

To me shimmers look best and safest when applied on eye lids. Choose fall friendly gorgeous colors; like shimmery gold, bronze, forest green, charcoal and plum.

How you can apply on eyes:

Faces Earth Sparkle Dust EOTD

Apply eye primer so that the eye shadow has a base to stick to. This will intensify the shadow or liner and will also make it last longer.

A thin stroke of glittery liner:

tbs-eyeliners-sparkle-green-reviews+eyeliners sparkles green

A thin sparkly line on the lids using a glitter liner is the easiest way to wear sparkle on your face. Try using it over lids that has already been made up using matte eye shadows. You can draw a thin line using glitter eyeliner and extend it up to a cat-eye wing. And then coat the lashes using lengthening mascara. This is the easiest way to oomph up your look without being too dramatic.

Apply complementing blush and bold lip colors to finish off the look.

A highlighter:

Sleek I Divine Sparkle 2 Palette eye makeup+sleek eye makeup

If you want that sophisticated look then lightly dab some shimmery light colored eye shadow right on the middle of the lids. This will give it that subtle sparkling look, when you blink. Or you can also apply some at the inner corner of your eyes. But do not do up the entire lids. This will open up your eyes and will make you look fresh and give your eyes a wide look effect. You can go for bold lips with this look.

An ultra glam look:

smoky eyes eye shadow pigment+sparkle eyeshadow pigments+bridal eye makeup tutorial

Apply a stunning shimmery charcoal on your entire lid blended with dirty bronze colored eye shadow on the crease. Apply a pale golden on the inner corners of your eyes to highlight and a champagne colored eye shadow on brow bone. This eye makeup look could never get you wrong and will be your best bet. Just pair it with nude lips and make head turns with your Sparkly Smokey eye makeup look.


To rock shimmery eyes, one needs to have a flawless base. Apply an even layer of foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply concealer under your eyes and blend well.

Cheeks and Lips:

street lipgloss death by chocolate fotd

The subtler the eye makeup, the bolder will be the lips. And the more dramatic the eye makeup, the subtler will be your lip color. But when you have shimmers on your eyes, make sure you don’t have any shimmers on your lips. However you can apply light flush of a shimmery blush or a highlighter on your on top of your cheeks. But don’t overdo it.

Hope these tips will help you rock shimmery eye makeup! Experiment and enjoy! 🙂

Have you tried these tips to rock the Shimmery Eye Makeup Look?

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