How To Save Your Skin From Harsh Winter This Year


How To Save Your Skin From Harsh Winter This Year

I am sure you all have by now stocked yourself for all winter products that you would need for your skin. But what procedure or routine will you be following, should be more clear to you in your thoughts. One has to bring in a proper routine to be able to do things in the right manner. Let me bring to you some necessary steps that you could fit in and take care of your skin from the winter harshness.

Always wash your face with warm water

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After being back from work or after the day’s work if you are a home maker, make sure you rinse your face with warm water. It helps you retain the moisture and keeps your skin hydrated until the next day. Washing your face with warm water and a mild face wash ensure that you do not feel dry at all and your skin can brave the weather outside with equal strength.

Retain the hydration by using a Moisturizer

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After you have washed your face, always moisturize your skin immediately. Even if it’s your hands, as and when you wash them, moisturize them to retain the hydration. You will yourself feel better and refreshed. Do choose the right moisturizer as per your skin tone and type. Do not use a moisturizer meant for dry skin if you have an oily skin or a combination skin. Also, make it a habit to keep your entire body moisturized at all times using body milk. It is better to make it a routine to moisturize your entire body during the night before going to sleep. This would make you feel good about yourself the next day morning when you see a nourished healthy skin.

Drink Water

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Water intake usually gets reduced during winters, which is very negative for the skin. One must continue to have at least 5-7 liters of water which keeps the metabolism of the body intact and there is no problem of acne or breakouts that result in skin damage. Since we prefer sipping on hot beverages like tea or coffee, we often get down with our water intake. Water is the catalyst in restoring skin’s pH balance and keeping it healthy. So ensure you drink adequate water.

Eat Right Food

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Similar to water, eating the right kind of food is also equally important. One must include foods like fish, nuts, olive oil, avocados, and eggs into the diet to ensure a healthy regime. The unsaturated acids of these food items are pretty good for the skin. Also include a lot of Vitamin C and protein into your diet to help your skin stay hydrated in a natural way. In case you are having a dry skin, eat a lot of citrus fruits to ensure your skin does not lose its moisture. Restoring moisture naturally is the best possible way to get rid of dry skin.

Dress Right

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Covering yourself with the right kind of clothes is also important as the winter chill is quite hazardous and makes your skin go dry within seconds. Use a lot of scarves, sweaters, socks, gloves and caps to cover yourself entirely. Even when you moisturize during the night, it is advised to cover your hands and legs with gloves and socks to keep the moisture locked.

These tricks would definitely come in handy if you follow them this winter to save your skin from any damage or hazard. Wish you a happy winter season!

Have you tried these tips for healthy skin this winter?

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