How To Set Lipstick To Last Long



How To Set Lipstick To Last Long

Hey Girls!!!
Well today’s topic is something that you all are surely going to relate with.

Be it a romantic date, office hours, a function or any other important event, wearing off a lipstick has always been a major concern. Though budging of eyeliner or stable makeup too are a concern but nothing can compare with the common issue of lipsticks wearing off.

Women are often blamed for having a habit of carrying lipsticks in their handbags, but this is just not a habit it is actually a compulsion since weared off lipstick does not look good and then your lips needs to be given a touch up.


Faces Ultime LipStick lipswatch


Many cosmetic brands have come up with a variety of long staying lipsticks but they too come with a heavy price tag and also their formula is often drying for lips.

So today I will tell you some easy steps that will help you to set your lipstick last long without much worries about on and off touch ups.


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Exfoliate Your Lips

Those chapped and dry lips do not easily allow smooth lipstick application. So it is best to exfoliate your lips with lips scrub. Just in case you do not have a lip scrub you can apply some lip balm and exfoliate with castor sugar.


Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub Review


Exfoliating will create a smooth surface for smooth lipstick application.

Moisturize and Blot

After you have exfoliated, it is important to moisturize your lips but at the same time we do not need extra oils on lips since this will not let the lipstick set for long.

Apply some lip balm and then blot with a tissue to remove traces of oils and emollients.

Prep Up With Primer

Lip primers are great when trying to set lipstick for long. They prevent the lip makeup to last for longer durations.


MAC Lip prep n prime review+ mac cosmetics



If lip primer is not anything that you would want to use, you can try using a concealor on your lips. Apply a thin concealor all over your lips before lipstick application and blot again.

Opaque lipsticks will work fine with a concealor underneath while sheer lipstick may not have a great look with a concealor.

Use a Lip Pencil

Using a lip pencil not just as a liner but also as a lip paint. Using a lip pencil all over lips intensifies the lip color and makes it long lasting.


NYX Lip Pencil Nude Pink


Use a lip liner that is a shade lighter than the lipstick you are going to apply and see how good the lip pencil works not only as a liner but also as a good base.

Use a Lip Brush

Using a lip brush increases the staying duration of the lip color. Of course after such a base a tube application will work well too but a lip brush application ensures longevity of the lip color on the lips.


Inglot makup brush 12s review + inglot lipstick


Apply a single coat of lipstick.

Blot and Set

Now blot after you have applied the first coat of the lipstick. Blot with a single tissue pile.

Take the tissue pile & apply it over your lips and now apply some translucent powder over it. This will set your lipstick.

Finish Off

Now finish off with a second of lipstick.


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Wow, that was easy. Isn’t it??

Just some easy steps to follow and voila you just made your lipstick to stay longer on your lips.

Do you have more tips to make lipstick last longer?

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