How To Shampoo Hair (Picture Tutorial)


By Prerana,

Few days back Khaddu asked me to do a tutorial of how to shampoo the hair properly as girls usually end up making knots and entangling the hair which breaks while combing afterwards. There is nothing like any secret rule or way of shampooing hair but only thing needed while shampooing is to use gentle hands with soft touch.
When hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage, so we shouldn’t do anything which stretches the hair strands. Here is how I shampoo my hair..

Do a hot oil champii if you prefer. Now take a bowl and take good amount of shampoo in it (quantity depending upon your hair length

How To Shampoo Hair best shampoo for hair


Now dilute the shampoo with little warm water. Remember the diluted shampoo should not become too runny, it should become light lotion like in texture. Why we dilute the shampoo is because  concentrated shampoo is a cocktail of harsh chemicals, imagine what would happen if you wash your face with a  soap and then don’t moisturize! That’s why we dilute the shampoo to dilute the harshness of shampoo.. 🙂

how to shampoo your hair correctly


Wet your hair properly. Now make small sections in your scalp and apply spoon full of diluted shampoo to each section of scalp and work up lather at the same time. The water u use to bath shouldn’t be too hot as hot water damage hair follicles.


Best Shampoo For Hair Fall


Massage with your fingertips very gently, don’t scratch your scalp if you have dandruff, don’t be too vigorous! Do not mound hair on top of your head to lather up your hair, this will cause tangles. Apply diluted shampoo to your hair in downwards direction just as you apply conditioner.


Rinse your hair until all shampoo is washed off. If you like, give another shampoo wash to your hair.


Take a dollop of conditioner in your palm and run it through the middle to the tips of your hair. Our scalp produces its own oils to condition the roots, so there’s no need to apply conditioner in the scalp. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes. Put on a shower cap or make a bun like me


Best Shampoo for hair fall control


After a few minutes, rinse completely. Lastly rinse with tea boiled water, lemon water, chamomile/ hibiscus boiled water or any herb important for hair. I’m using lemon water for my last hair rinse.


Shampoo for dry hair

To dry the hair Always air-dry the hair as much as possible, hair dryers damages hair. While towel drying do not rub the hair with the towel as it is damaging to the hair. Just pat your hair lightly.


Best Shampoo for hair lossSome Useful Hair Care Tips

  1. I Wash my  hair every after two days, ie., mon-thu-sun-wed-sat & so on..
  2. If while stepping out of home, hair seems greasy and u don’t have time to shampoo, apply a small amount of talcum powder to the roots & comb.
  3. For straight hair use a paddle brush to brush your hair and for curly hair use a round hairbrush.


Were these methods of hair care useful? What hair care routine do you follow?

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  1. Prerana we don’t have to comment anymore abt your tutorials coz you are the guruji now :worship: :worship:
    And I use glycerine mixed with water for last rinse, coz I read somewhere here that we are not supposed to go out in the sun after a lemon rinse.

  2. prernaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀 😀 :D…thank u so much ….! i can see i make a lot of mistakes … !!! i will use this correct method from now on ..sthank u soooo much …u ve made me ssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo happpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee muah …:* :D:D:D…..!

  3. hi Prerana,
    Very neatly explained, thank you so much for taking your time in letting us know the proper hair washing procedure. :yes:

  4. :clap: Wow you explained it so well Prerana, I’m going to do the herb rinse the next time I wash hair, these tuts actually remind me of few things that I’m not doing. Thanks Prerana :yes:

  5. Very nice article..Prerna..Whats the purpose of last rinse with lemon/herbs..etc..I have dry, wavy and very dense hair..something you suggest…I love your hair and right now i have shoulder length hair..I am so much motivated to grow my hair long after seeing your and your sister’s hair..gorgeous hair u have..

  6. Adivaah, herbal rinse are of many types like lemon water, tea decoction, glycerine + water as Maha said, beer, chamomile flower decoction and many more…u can chose as per your wish 😀 😀

  7. Answer to Prachi :-

    Actually last rinse makes a coating around hair strands to protect it from outside dust, that’s why it is last rinse and is not washed out, lemon water is such a type of herbal rinse. Many other herbs are also used for last rinse but lemon water due to Vit C & citric in nature, provides shine to hair..

    On a serious note, basically, my hair is all genetic! I do nothing special type and never go to salon for any special treatment, just care them as my own child by giving all herbal things..

  8. Hi! :-)) I have thin wavy hair. And when I leave my hair open for an hour or so it becomes like a bird’s nest, what should i do, can you suggest anything?

  9. 🙂 Can you suggest anything else than serum. 😐 What should I do for thin hair, I don’t mean that give me formula which help me is increase the volume hair in seconds. I mean how to reduce hair fall?


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