How To Shape Eyebrows At Home



How To Shape Eyebrows At Home

Well groomed eyebrows play a very crucial role in enhancing your whole look by balancing your features and framing your eyes and also make you look clean, tidy and fresh.

Not everyone can visit the parlor every 15 days, so for them here are 6 ways in which you can shape your eyebrows at home.


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Things to remember:-

  • Identify your natural eyebrow shape and work with it, not against it for a more natural look.
  • Don’t go for threading and waxing unless you are really good at it. Practice and practice until you become a pro. Practice on arms, legs, chin and upper lips first.
  • Apply ice to numb the pain.
  • You can outline your eyebrows using an eye pencil, that will help you mark off the starting, arch and end of eyebrows. This way you’ll not end up with a crooked eyebrow.
  • Make sure the eyebrow area is clean.
  • Make sure the area isn’t too oily, powder the area if required.
  • Toner or soothing gel is must after you finish off threading/waxing/shaving.

Few pf the methods of shaping eye brow


Pull out about 15 inches of thread from the thread roll. Now take both the ends and put them together. Grab the loose end and tie them together in a loop. Now hold the strings straight and twist your hands in circular motions. Keep twisting until you see the strings twisting in the middle. Hold the strings between your middle fingers and thumbs. Now, the strings are ready and you have to pull off your hair with that. Remember that you have to thread in the opposite direction as the hair grows. So place the twisted area of the string on the hair you want to remove and move it to the opposite direction. The twisted strings will whisk and pull off the hair as you move your finger.




When you go to the parlor, the lady asks you to pull your eyes with your own fingers so that the skin stretches and the thread goes smoothly. Stretch your eyes as much as you can and thread the lower portion. Apply toner and soothing gel once you are done.


Heat the wax so that it melts and becomes a little thinner in consistency for easier application. In the meantime, take your strips and cut them in pieces so that it matches the size of your eyebrows. You can skip this step, but I prefer as it makes pulling off easier.

Now brush your hair downward, so that you don’t wax off the hair you actually don’t want to remove. Dip an applicator into the wax and apply it on the skin above your eyebrows. Don’t apply too much wax, just a thin layer and it would be enough. Take a strip and place it over the wax and press it firmly. Then just peel it off. Repeat the procedure until you have clean and well groomed eyebrows. Trim the long hairs and you are done. Damp a cotton ball with toner and apply on the eyebrow areas.


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Apply ice to numb the pain. Now with a black/white/nude eye pencil mark off the starting, arch and end of eye brows. This shows what your eyebrows will look like. Time to pluck. Use your tweezers. Be careful not to pluck inside the line and pluck only on and outside the white lines. Remove the white liner and clean the area. Check and pluck any excess stray hair.

Hair removing cream

Brush your eyebrows and make sure your hairs are going in one direction. Outline the eyebrows using a pencil so that you don’t apply hair remover in the wrong place and end up with a crooked eyebrow. Now using a Q-tip applicator apply Veet or any other hair removing cream outside the line you drew. Don’t rush and slowly apply it. Wait for 3-5 minutes and wipe it off with a wet wipe. Wet wipe will take off the hair removing cream and pencil mark in one go. Wipe in the opposite direction too that will help in removing the loose hair if any.


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Brow razor

Firstly comb your brows and outline it. (Mostly the common types of eyebrow razors come with small, built-in comb attachments.) Pull the upper part of your eyebrow with one hand so that the skin stretches and is easier to shave and you don’t cut yourself. Start trimming the extra hair until you have clean eyebrows.


Bend the stick into an inverted “U” and place it against the hairs you want to remove. Hold the handles and twist the stick in opposite directions. The hairs are trapped between the tightly coil spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement.


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You have to be really careful while using these otherwise you’ll end up plucking wrong hairs.

How do you shape your eye brows?

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