How To Sharpen Lakme Kajal


Lakshmi asks,

I know many people will find this a funny question but I wanted to know which sharpener you use to sharpen Lakme Kajal.





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  1. Arreyyyyyy….
    With any normal sharpener…
    I got one which has 2 holes..
    One for small pencils and bigger hole for big or extra size pencils …
    faces, basic care etc all have dem..
    I use the basiccare one and its good 🙂

  2. Lakshmi actually your question is not funny…even i would like to know a good sharpner which would not cause much product wastage for my eye pencils…radius of Faces pencils

  3. Mitra go for the basic care sharpner…so far its d best ihv come across too…and yes d quality of the blades is good so it sharpens d pencils easily…

  4. MAC has one for Rs.500….I just didnt have the heart to buy a sharpener that exp….Do let me know if anyone has used the MAC one….I use Lakme sharpener…. pretty good though

  5. actually the best way to sharpen these pencils are sharpeners that we get for normal pencil…i dnt like the sharpeners available specially for these like lakme for faces…they do cause wastage..i got the sharpeners from staples… also try freezing the pencils for like 10 mins before sharpening…they will not break..and u can save some product..

  6. For me lakme , faces and oriflame ,none of them worked.Always I sharpen my eye/lip pencils, it leads to wastage …..I’l try this freezing option next time.Thanks Bidisha 🙂

  7. u get the lakme dual one fr 50 bucks.. and any normal (brand less) one with same plastic body for arnd 20 bucks that too dual one. I use the lakme one though 🙂 and no complaints


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