How To Shave Pubic Hair And Deal With Waxing Problems



Most of the women wish if painful process of waxing could be ignored but it is something which becomes part and parcel of our life sooner or later. Almost all of us suffer from waxing problems. Some face difficulty in removing facial hair, some from thighs, from eye brows or upper lips and list go on. Women suffer from various waxing problem such as redness and bumps, Reddish brown spots, Ingrown hair, Folliculitis etc.

Let us check out ways which have been secretly used by many women and can solve your waxing problems.

1. Once you have shaven your pubic hair take a shower and pat dry yourself. Now apply Neosporin cream (available in any medical store) to the shaved area. It will keep the shaved area moisturized and will prevent razor burns and ingrown hair problem.

2. If you have ingrown hair problem on your legs then apply apple cider vinegar every night on your legs. If you find it little smelly then you can rub half lemon every night. This tip suits especially those who have super sensitive skin.

3. Shave with oils such as coconut, almond and olive if you are using razor. Apply the oil generously on the area which has to be shaved .With the help of a razor shave down in the direction in which hair naturally grows. Wash off the extra oil after shaving and apply your favorite moisturizer. This method will avoid itch and bumps.

4. You can use hair conditioner instead of a shaving cream. All you have to do is to wet the area which has to be shaved for five minutes. When you wet the area hair gets softened. Apply a generous amount of hair conditioner and shave with a razor. This method is quite effective if you want to shave your pubic hair. Make sure you use only 1 or 2 strokes otherwise you will develop bumps or you might end up cutting yourself.

5. Make sure you razor blade is sharp and change it after two or three shaves.

6. Never shave the area more than once or twice as the skin of that part gets irritated. You can use Vaseline petroleum jelly too for a smoother and a close shave instead of a shaving gel.

7. Place a flat comb on the skin and trim over your hair as short as possible. Minimum length of the hair should not be more than half centimeter. The lesser the length of your hair, easier it will be to wax. Also, if you do get a pimple after waxing, resist the urge to pop it as this spreads the bacteria and can encourage more pimples. Instead, apply a tiny bit of tea tree oil.

8. Applying aloe Vera gel after shaving smoothens and moisturizes the skin.

9. Use mild exfoliating before waxing. This will remove the dead skin cells and will make waxing easier .Remember, always shave without applying pressure.

10. Rub an ice cube or apply baby oil on the pubic area to reduce itching after waxing.

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