How To Shop For Makeup Foundation Online


Ankita asks,

Is there any tips which you girls follow while shopping online for foundations ?I always get confused and wonder how you girls do that.


how to shop online for foundation


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  1. Read many differet reviews of the same shade. Everyone’s camera shows the shade differently in different lights. Do keep in mind that the actual shade is always slightly darker or deeper that what u see in pics online. Also try to get a hold of the photo of the person reviewing the shade or atleast her undertones n see if they match wid urs. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Hi Ankita..there r many ways t choose ur shade online:
    1. Go to the shop first, check which shade suits u best and then come home n order.
    2. Have a basic understanding of the shades…for me I’ve realised that most brands release 3shades of foundation..and I’ve also realised by trial and error that the middle shade usually suits me best…it my be just a tiny bit darker but I don’t mind it since m on the paler side and like to look warmer.
    3. Check online reviews…most bloggers mention their skin tone so that can help u compare..

  3. hi! I totally second Nafisa’s point about lighting affecting the way the same shade looks in photos & that implies Zara’s point of going to the store and swatching shades & later availing the discounts through an online purchase.
    Brands like Bourjois usually have names like eclat and abricot to specify shades & cater majorly to pink undertones, so avoid buying such brands online. Maybelline products by and large have a medium range which is perfect for Indian skin tones.

  4. Find out your mac shade. Its help s you in finding the best posible match from my experience
    I usually order from manyindian sites based on my mac shade
    Goto the mall and check the colours whether pink or yellow based and selct the one suitable to you and note down the colour numbers to order online

    Usually lot of women make the mistake of buying a pink shade when they have yellow undertones or vice versa. That makes the face look ashy and very ghost like
    Keep a foundation in a shade darker than your original skin tone for pictures

    Hope it helps


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