How To Sleep Well Naturally


Ahaana asks,

We all know how important it is to sleep well but due to my unhealthy eating habit and workload pressure I am not able to do so.Infact now even when I have time I am not able to sleep well and I don’t want to depend on  pills.Is there any natural way to sleep well ? How do you beauties manage to get your daily doze of beauty sleep ?



how to sleep well naturally


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  1. 1) Please have a fixed sleep and wake up time. Sleep max by 11 and wake up max by 6. It’ll take a week’s time to adjust to this.

    2) Avoid spicy food in dinner, or have it atleast 3 hrs before sleep. This goes well in general for dinner too.

    3) Don’t sleep in afternoon though u can take a short nap.

    4) Make sure the room is dark.

    5) Make sure the matresses are comfortable.

    6) Avoid too many liquids from evening to avoid bathroom trips at night. Cut down on coffee.

    7) Lastly, try doing atleast 10 minute meditation before bed.. talk to urself.. Thank God for evry lil things in life..

    God Bless u:)

  2. I will tell you what I do:

    1. Don’t fight at night
    2. If you have had a fight do not let the sun go down on your anger…..Forgive
    3. It takes about one hour to go to sleep after watching tv. Takes time to get the images out of the head.
    4. If you are married hug your spouse and sleep or start massaging his head and sleep will come ( tried and tested method)
    5. If you can read some promises…Promises that God has for your life from your holy book or a bible…you will not carry such a burden…I have the spoken bible on my cell and I turn it on and fall asleep.
    6. Eat enough to kill your hunger and then sleep. Don’t over stuff your stomach.
    7. Being happy will bring sleep. Happy Sleep is Beauty Sleep.

  3. two steps that have worked for my mom-
    1. drinking camomile tea before bed time.
    2. having a teaspoon of honey before going to sleep.
    Just don’t do the two steps on the same night

  4. hi Ahana,
    i used to be a flight attendant so bad sleep came with the territory.. however there were a few things that helped…
    1)warm milk before bed
    2)no tea coffee alcohol coke pepsi etc post 7
    3)try nt to get too stressed out
    4)regular timings as n when u can manage
    5)dont eat too close to bed time… this has a double effect,..if u leave a gap of 2 hrs before bedtime ur food gets digested well and wont keep u awake at nite plus it helps in weight maintanance.
    6)if u have weekends off try to maintain the same sleep scehdule even on weekends
    hope i helped!

  5. Take a warm shower with a nice handmade soap..
    Put drops on lavender oil in bath water or pillows…
    If you cant sleep… dont fight it… just read a book.. u will be sleeping after some pages… dont watch tv… it wakes up the brain and u cant sleep anymore…

  6. work hard whole day and don sleep at all day time.. u will get a good sleep in the night.

    Also eat well in the night while u sleep so that u get sleepy , u can go for rice if u want! :-))

    In order to have a peaceful sleep, make sure ur not tenses or stresed over anything, do no hold any grudges or guilt which may bother u..n if there is something as such forgive others as well as ur self.. ur just a human :-))

    Do atleast one thing good in a day and thank god for all that he has given u.. be gratefull.. Have an attitude of gratitude O:-)

    Cut down on caffeine ..avoid coffee tea in the night!

    Make sure ur warm enough in ur bed and blanket.

    If u like oil, u can apply oils that cools ur head like NAVRATNA they actually get u into deep sleep..believe me!

    All the best!

    God bless! O:-)

  7. when i can’t sleep for a night or two i just don’t sleep for more 2-3 nights ( i know that’s not good 😛 ) then I start feeling sleepy and i sleep at 11:00 pm or so and get up early next morning, when i do this i again feel sleepy early that night and i make sure i sleep at the same time as last night, that way my sleeping schedule is set automatically 😀 if not, i repeat the same process for a day or two more :tap-dance: am done, no need to do anything too much :laugh:

  8. hey dear….do try out the suggestions from everyone above….and an additional suggestion is to check your Thyroid levels..usually when my thyroid levels go haywire, its because my thyroid is onky-wonky 🙂

  9. Drinking a warm milk helps us to increase the Serotonin hormone which helps to have a good sleep.
    also smelling lavender oil helps
    Also put jasmine flowers under ur pillow helps a lot…
    Don’t drink coffee or tea after 5’o clock…if not at least before sleep don’t drink as caffeine disturb your sleeping pattern…. 🙂

  10. @ Christina….dont massage his head…rather ask him to massage urs…( :-D)
    Being a math teacher…tried and tested advice from my end…try doing some Maths…Guaranteed instant sleep will follow…
    Try following all the wonderful tips…And above all…dont fret over not getting sleep…the min u stop fretting and worrying over ” not getting sleep” , u will notice a positive change for sure.

  11. listen nostalagia music u will sleep in minutes…max in 10 min….but i dont have problem for sleep at any moment…i can sleep in min…thank god


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