How To Speed Up Morning Beauty Routine


Hold your guns sweeties. I am not talking about the quick morning kuchikoos. Let me go on and tell you what I am heading to. I am sure it will help you. Don’t forget to blow kisses at me if I make your life simpler on hectic mornings.

Ok, what a typical workday morning scenario for us? All you have is 2 hours max (that is if you are an early riser, if you a lazy bum like me, God help) to hit the road to office. What are chores you got to do? Well bare basics for most of us (it may differ from people to people) are personal hygiene , breakfast , make the bed, pack lunch, feed the pet, leave the garbage out, dress up , hairdo and finally if you have some time makeup.

Here is a cheat sheet to quick chores that can be practiced and save a lot of time. And time saved in the morning is time for some more makeup and grooming 🙂

  • Let it shower – Its super quick way to bath than the bucket and tumbler.
  • Spray it over – Use a Sunscreen spray on you instead of a lotion. It save some precious time. Neutrogena has one. Works wonderfully on me. It’s great for a touch up of sunscreen too.

Morning Quickie_sunscreen spray

  • Dry clean it – No time for shampoo. No problem. Use a dry shampoo. It may not give a total washed hair effect but you can do with it on days you are really running late.

Morning Quickie_dry shampoo

  • Go for the cut – Invest in a good haircut. Specially girls who sport short or medium haircut that can be kept open. All you need a super hair brush and you are done with the hairdo.
  • Skip it and replace – Skip foundation if you can manage without the coverage or little coverage. Foundations take time to be applied and you have to get it right every time, else it may end up looking patchy. Use the most talked about BB Cream instead. It will give you the flawless skin with a little to medium coverage.

Morning Quickie_BB cream

  • Slip it on – Use slip on footwear or sandals. Leave the buckles and laces for the weekends.
  • Slide into it – A well fitted formal blouse or a top can be a saviour instead of buttoning up the buttons of a formal shirt. Slide into a nice top and tadaaaaa you all set for the day. Poor guys they have no choice, can’t wear a tee shirt or a Velcro shirt like Virus’s in three idiots 😛
  • Do not skip – Breakfast is quintessential of a morning routine, never miss it for anything. A bowl of Muesli/ Flakes too can help. Carry a nutrition bar or a fruit in our bag; munch on it on the way. After all what are traffic signals for (when you are driving).

Morning Quickie_fruits n nuitrition bar

  • Paint it right – For make up here are a few tips I use.

1 – Bold lipstick – Use a bold lipstick. You don’t have to do much for your eyes. Just so kohl will do.

2- Use multi-utility product like the Lip and Cheek Stains. They not only save a lot of time but also last you throughout the day.

3- Emergency Makeup Kit – Always carry your basic makeup in our make. I make sure I use every traffic signal or jam on my way to office for one makeup on me. When I reach office all groomed my colleagues know I have a long drive today 🙂

Morning Quickie_makeup kit

Do you have any beauty tips to share with us to speeden up Morning beauty routine ?

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  1. Oh. I recall my flying days!! My early morn flights usedto hae me rushing all thetime!! Makeup an hair was always in the car ..!! Now im a bit more streamlined.. Have a routine set.. But yes mornings are still very rushed!!

    • Nice Mansi, it makes a world of difference. I did that mistake for years and then suffered hyperacidity for years too. Its now that its in control. Very skip breakfast.

  2. Awesome post! So much fun to read and very useful too 🙂

    Never had a problem myself because all I apply is an eyeliner and lippy and it takes hardly 2 mins 🙂

  3. Agree on every point bo..i also usually pick put my outfit n makeup d previous night t save time in d morn…really impt fr me since i luv my sleep 🙂


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