How To Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It(With Straightening/Flat Irons)

Straight hair is a craze especially among women who have curly hairs. More and more people are opting for a sleek and a styled look for their locks. Using hair straightener or flat irons does full fills your desire of decorating your hair according to your wish but if you are in one those who are a frequent user of flat irons then here are some easy tips for you to prevent your hair from getting damaged.
1. Hair straighteners/flat irons are now widespread in the market and many young girls are using it. It is commonly made up of metal or ceramic and the instrument uses heat to straighten the curly hair. Ceramic straighteners are less damaging than the metal ones as they produce steam which adds moisture to the hair.
2. Before using the straightener one should shampoo and condition their hair as usual and then apply serum .While applying the serum press the hair with your palms along its length.
3. Frequent ironing requires deep conditioning of your hair at least once a week.To know how to deep condition your hair click here
4. Use a heat protection spray .This protects the hair from the over heat generated by the straightener.
5.Never mix electricity with water because .Using straightener on wet hair damages the ends of the hair .Also, when you are straightening without even one’s help then make sure that you do not overheat the iron.
6. Straightening the same section repeatedly damages the hair. It is always advisable to use clips that separates one inch layer of hair. This helps in straightening the hair bit by bit. Starts straightening from the tips to the end and when the layer gets straight undo the clip and move to the next layer.
7. Start straightening your front hair and then move towards back side.
8. Never compromise on the quality of the hair straightener.
9.Use hot oil hair treatment and turban therapy once a week to add strength to your hair .To know about it click here.
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  1. I use an iron regularly but am not taking so good care of my hair yet. will read about the deep condition and hot oil treatment!

  2. If you into presging your hair then you should get into hot oil treatment and deep conditioning immediately Sunaina.You your self will feel good about it once you start doing it.

  3. Welcome to my blog Aarthi..and thank you for liking my humble abode…Hopw to see more of your comments..regardsAnamika:)


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