How To Start A Successful Beauty Blog in 2017? Wiseshe Tips!


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This post is all about New and Budding bloggers in the town! Blogging is a trend right now and frankly, I see every other girl on the road blogging and starting their own beauty or any genre of blogs. But unfortunately, very few become successful as beauty bloggers and can make their own niche in this beauty world. Like all professions, Blogging is a tough job and needs a hell lot of dedication, skills and mostly passion. It is not a 9 to 5 job (Like Lakme Lip shades. 😛 ) and wants the best out of you. It might happen that you don’t succeed in the first year but you need to go on with the flow. You just can’t say “Oh! It is not working for me”. And when you are starting out, it is always better to get hold of a few things before making on your own. There are certain tips and tricks which can help you to establish a successful beauty blog and our very own Anamika Mam, in one of her Youtube live streams unveiled it all. If you missed it, then here you have all the pointers noted. You can thank me later!   😉

How to Start A Successful Blog?

  • Choose a right theme


Choosing a right theme for a blog is really important. There is a Hindi proverb that means “First you see the looks then the quality”. When you first go to a blog and see a good and attractive theme, you are like I need to go through the content. Girls usually have a liking for good packaged things and blogs are no different. If your blog is dull, then you need to renovate it as soon as possible.

  • Choose your own niche

karwachuth eyemakeup look

Choose a genre that you love. If you are a techie but is writing on eye makeup, then imagine your situation! You should only write on the topics and things you believe you can do. Don’t follow the trend. At the end, your writing will matter and if you choose something completely out of the track, you will regret it later.

  • Take good pictures for the blog



Pictures are one of the most attracting things in a blog. Let me give you a very practical example, do you know why films release one their item songs or a song that they think can be popular at first? That is because if you are attracted by the first look, you will watch it. Same with the blog. When you open an article and you see boring pics, you will definitely not be interested in the article anymore. So taking good quality pics is equally important.

  • Accessorise your picture

Always put a good accessory like a pompom or an earring in your picture to decorate the picture even more. Giving you some examples!


  • Buy a good quality camera

This is really important to buy a good camera to take your picture. If you picture is hazy and is not up to the mark, readers won’t find reading about it that much interesting. Buying a good camera is a necessity as per your budget.

  • Use natural lighting

Natural lighting is the best to click pictures. In this way, the natural colour and texture come into the front and you don’t get baffled when you buy the product.

  • Take pictures first

Whenever you buy a product/ get a product as a PR, take the picture and then use it. New things look more beautiful in the picture than old and worn out things.

  • Post as often as possible:

Posting often is another trick to be successful. You just can’t expect to post in 6 months and then think people will remember you. You have to be consistent at least 2-3 times a week.

  • Be active on social media:

Social Media is one of the principle mediums to promote your blog now. Whichever social media you are active in, post about your blog and your content. Let people know you exist!

  • Write a good content

One of the principle tips is to write a good content. This is probably the most important among all as, without a good content, anything won’t work out.

  • Make friends on blogging sector:

Make friends on blogging sector. Go to their blogs and comment on them. Have a good reputation among them and yes, also don’t be jealous of anyone’s success.

  • Be nice to your social circle:

Being nice to someone doesn’t cost you anything but can be really beneficial for the blog. If you are among the favourites, surely everything will work fine for you!

  • Learn coding a bit:

In blogging, coding is really important and learning a little bit has no harm at all. Coding helps to make your blog look better and give you freedom to experiment to work on anything interesting and what more, you don’t need to be dependent on pre-manufactured themes.

  • Start your blog on WordPress:

Now, there are two mediums on which you can start your blog – WordPress and Blogspot. I will suggest WordPress as it gives you more freedom to explore and also greater SEO options. If you know Internet Marketing, you know what I am talking about!

  • Don’t jump into Adsense:

Adsense is not the only motto of blogging. So don’t jump into Adsense at first. Try to be particular about your content.

  • Offer something new

Offer something new to people and they will eat up your content. People are always looking for some benefit when they visit your blog and if you don’t have something new to offer, probably they won’t be really interested.

  • Make a Youtube Channel

Making a Youtube channel along with the blog is equally important as in that way you will be able to gain people’s trust more and subsequently, will make people aware of your hard work.

  • Learn new things

There is never an end to learning and when it is a beauty blog, you need to expand your knowledge. Every now and then, a new thing pops up in the market and you need to get hold of the knowledge. Learning is very important.

  • Search on google and research

Doing your research is really important for writing a good blog post. Search for information on Google and do your research very well before writing on anything!

  • Trending topics

Always see on Google Trends what are the trending topics, if something is of your niche, write about it!

  • Good backlinks

Backlinks are really very important when it comes to blogging. Either you can go for sponsored backlinks or normal links. Also, google considers Do-Follow and No-Follow links in equal proportions so make sure you have both.

That’s all folks!

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