How To Stop Breakouts


How To Stop Breakouts

Acne, pimples and breakouts whatever be your concern all are the worst nightmares for any woman as these tend to put an ugly spot on the face and induce a lack of self approval in most women! I being, no different usually feel low when a breakout suddenly appears on my face!I would literally postpone my casual meetings with friends or family due to the breakout and all this made me stress out even more!

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Although at this time I really consider myself fortunate to not have to deal with breakouts anymore due to few things I did in my lifestyle! I thought I will share few tried and tested changes in lifestyle, diet and beauty regime so that you too can scan your practices and make changes accordingly!! 🙂

Ditch Sleeping Late at Night-

I have been a nocturnal person most of the time when I was struggling with breakouts! The digestive system is in perfect sync with the body clock so you should not mess with it and try to sleep as early as possible! This will keep your biological activities active for the right time! Try this and you will see suddenly all the breakouts have started disappearing!


Essential Hydration-

Water is very essential to perform major metabolic activities in the body and lack of it may lead to many problems like acne, so try to hydrate the body as much as possible!


Ditch Junk Food-

Seriously, this was surely the best decision of my life, after marriage! 😉

avoid junk food

Junk food is nothing healthy and all calories, carbs, sugars etc. which is only going to appeal the taste buds and nothing else! Eat fresh veggies, fruits, juices and milk and you will feel the fresh flush on the face and from inside you will feel light an so positive about your body!

Avoid fermented products-

Apart from curd or yogurt, other fermented products might just trigger the breakouts on your face on days when you have to go somewhere special! I have been a huge fan of bread and used to take bread in my lunch to with salad on a daily basis!


Later on I had so many breakouts and I was clueless about the actual cause! But later on my doctor recommended to stop eating all these things for a better health!

A simple Beauty routine-

Beauty Benefits Of Cinnamon Powder -03

I have been following a simple beauty routine and that has also been one of the reason that I don’t get so many frequent breakouts as it was earlier!

Well, a quick CTM routine and twice a week exfoliation along with a facial pack treatment three time a week! I also apply aloe vera gel on the face and massage it for a while to treat minor skin problems on the face like sun allergies etc.

Well, this was all that has proved effective for me to stop the breakouts on my face! Hoe you like these tips!

Have you tried these tips to stop breakouts?

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