How To Stop Nail Polish Chipping


How To Stop Nail Polish Chipping

Nail polish is an instant love for girls since a young age itself! A few days back when I was applying nail paint one day, my 3 years old niece got all happy. She was adamant on getting the same shade done on her nails too. When I told her that it is not allowed in your school, she started throwing tantrums and I had to paint her nails and also convince her that Sunday night I will remove the nail color for sure!

A favorite shade of nail polish is so dear to women. They keep admiring the beautiful looking hands and the nail color. Well, a fresh manicure is prone to a lot of damage and it is surely a tough task to avoid doing many things just because you have applied a fresh new coat of nail paint and it will not last longer if you are doing much stuff using your hands like washing your hands a lot of times!

So for the sake of those darling painted nails, here are some tips for making your nail paint last a long time without chipping! Have a look at these!

Remove Old Nail Enamel Thoroughly-

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To make your nail paint stay for a good while without chipping, make sure that you remove every trace of the old nail paint and get rid of the paint evenly. This will help in getting a fresh new layer of the enamel and it will stay on more permanently.

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Use a nail buffer-

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A nail buffer is essential to scrap off the damaged layer of the nail by constantly using nail paint removers and various coats of nail paint and so buffing imparts a new shine and the layer of the nail is well primed and ready for the next nail paint making it stay longer than the previous one!

Apply Base Coat-

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Make sure to apply two thin layers of base coat itself if you wish to make your nail paint last a little longer than usual without chipping!

Don’t over paint-

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Don’t go for more than 3 coats of nail paint as that will make the nail paint more prone to chipping and won’t dry completely! More than three coast of nail enamel will make the nail paint layer thicker and it will be easier for it to get chipped off and won’t stay on the nails even if you try all of these tricks.

Alternate nail paint/base coat-

You can also try this trick of applying a thin layer of base coat and a colored nail paint and then repeating it again as the nail paint layer dries!

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Always wear Gloves while working-

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Make sure to wear gloves each time you are doing a household activity like cleaning, utensils or washing clothes. This will protect your nail enamel from the harmful chemicals and the nail paint will stay for a long time easily!

Immerse hands in cold water-

This is an age old trick which is used to set the nail paint quickly than usual and also make it chip resistant. As you have finished applying the nail paint and it has dried, take chilled water in a bowl and immerse you r nails in it for about 30-40 seconds and remove. Dry your hands and forget about nail paint chipping for a good while!

I have been doing some of these tricks and I am experiencing less chipping after each new nail paint application! I hope you like these tips! Do try and share if you have some more tips in mind! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you tried these nail polish chip resisting tips before?

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