How To Stop Sweaty Hair


Lovely asks,

My hair gets wet due to sweat and  on top of it when I oil them hair fall increases.plz suggest any solution for  this problem

How To Stop sweaty hair

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  1. You need to find out what kind of scalp you have. If you get sticky hair by the end of the day after washing its OILY (me too). Opt for oil control shampoos. Harsh shampoos make the scalp so dry, that it generates more oil 🙁

    I use LUSH Jumping juniper and its the best oil control I have ever used.

    Also applying oil is a bit tricky, Do not apply oil to scalp, and if you want to so so, don’t leave it for more than 30 min, and make sure that every trace of that oil is removed later.

    Last if the hair get wet, probably after gym or exercising, leave them open, do not tie them back 🙂

    • thanx 4 all the suggestion . i just don’t know what kind of hair i had but my hair look little oily after 1 or 2 day after washing the hair.i use ayur herbal shampoo ( don’t know it’s good 4 my hair or not) . i used 2 apply oil once in a week but in the summer due to sweat it’s make me difficult to oil my scalp so 4 the time been i m not using oil

  2. Wash your hair atleast every alternate day..with a gentle daily use shampoo. Sometimes using a very strong shampoo can also cause hair to become oily and fall often. If sweating is such a problem, then try cutting the length so that you can leave it open and manageable.

  3. same problem here 🙁
    and lost all hope in anything..
    thats how it is..
    i just wash my hair every alternate day!
    and after gym i dont tie my hair.. like both divya and kejal said..

  4. My hair actually is not adjusting as good to certain hair oil. Maybe i should take a clue and not leave it for more than 30 mins ..thanks..


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