How To Store Neck Pieces – Ideas


Rupa asks,

I do see  lot many neck piece storage ideas online but most of the things I have not been able to find.On ebay most of the stuff is expensive.Is there any way I can store neck pieces without keeping them open in my room ?


how to store neckpieces



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  1. As of now, I have hung it on hooks in my wardrobe , or I keep them in those jewellery pouches. I have seen a few tree like looking things where it can be hung and it can kept on the dresser, but I dont want them to be coated with dust. Plus I stay in mumbai where place is constrain and one needs to really organise things in minimal space given.
    I am looking for an answer too.

  2. u can just store all ur neck pieces in a box by wrapping them in a layer of cotton, every neck piece should be layred..and u can keep all one above the other..and most imp thing is the covers in which they come…dnt threw them store them again in that covers…and wrap them…i am using this techniq frm years and i had around 30 shandlier earrings and 20 neck pieces,i store all of them like that only..and thy r been with me frm 6 years…without any damage

  3. Oh I hope am not too late here. U can take a shirt box or any slim cardboard boz and cut out thermocol to fit snugly into the box. One one side of the thermocol, put in pins (u can use the ones with a pearl at the end) at a slight angle. Now hang your chains on individual pins to keep them from getting tangled. Since the box has a lid, it keeps ur chains dirt-free. Hope the instructions are clear 🙂

  4. Right now I have this jewellery organizer with zipper compartments, its foldable and easy to pack and carry.I hang it like a piece of clothing on my hanger. Atleast half my jewellery easily fits into it and its very easy to see and pick one! :-))
    The other thing what I do is, I have lots of cardboard boxes from all the online shopping that we do 😉
    I have lined them on one of my wardrobe sheles (all same sized and I put each of my necklace and statement pieces in those drawstring pouches and zip locks separately and keep them in the boxes 😀


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