5 Ways To Store Necklaces,Organisation & My Neckpiece collection


Organization & Storage: Neckpiece Storage & My Neckpiece collection

Hi All,

Contrary to my love for earrings, my love for neckpieces is fairly recent. Before I only had like 3-4 pieces but then around 2mts earlier I realised dumping them all in a box wouldn’t help since they were all getting tangled up and it would take ages to unravel them. Half the time I’d give up and wear something handy and rush out the door.

I did find some hangers…even tried using my bangle stand but even then paucity of space on my desk (Yes, my blushes take up alotta space! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ) drove me to hunt for other options. So while shopping for Hubby at Westside, I saw these Tie and belt hangers and my brain suddenly clicked (its a miracle, I know…) and I realised this is a great solution to store my neckpieces and immediately grabbed them πŸ™‚ My poor hubs kept asking me why I was buying a tie rack and belt rack for him since he doesn’t have that many of either and then after hearing my response he gave me this narrow eyed look with a nice arched brow and asked, ‘You have THAT many necklaces? Are you doing some shopping I’m not aware of?? ‘ Hehe…suffice to say, that’s one question I didn’t answer :)) :))

Necklace hanger + tie and belt hanger

I realise a lot of us have lots of stuff but have storage issues for various reasons the main one being space. There are many options to store your neckpieces which I’ll explain later in the post. For now, here’s how I have organized my collection. I usually keep my more traditional pieces in a velvet lined box in my cupboard and these are just the pieces I tend to wear for more casual outings.


 These are the 2 pieces you get in the box.

Necklace hanger_pieces

 Here’s the instructions of how to put the 2 attachments together.

 Necklace hanger_instructions

Here’s a pictoral representation to help.

 Necklace hanger_pics process

And Voila! That’s it! Easy-peasy right? Here’s what it would look like once you hang your necklaces on the hanger.

Necklace hanger_ closeup

Why I like this kind of organization

  • I hardly hang anything in my cupboard and prefer to keep clothes folded. Hence the hanging rod is not utilized.
  • I don’t have sufficient surface at my dressing table for another bangle stand.
  • No ‘jhanjhat’ of the necklaces getting tangled with each other
  • Easy to sort through the pieces since the branches can be rotated.
  • Can be hung on the rod in the cupboard or any where else as well. It can even be hung on hooks πŸ™‚
  • If you have many necklaces, then 3-4 pieces can be hung on a single branch and organized by type. Eg. Pearls on one branch, silver or one, beaded on another, etc
  • The hanger is extremely strong and the base doesn’t detach from the hanger loop at all. I’ve been using this for quite sometime now and the branches haven’t even bent a bit.

Necklace hanger all pieces

 Things to keep in mind while hanging your neckpieces:

  • When hanging multiple pieces on a single branch, remember to arrange them by length from the longest piece first and the shortest one right at the end. This will make it easy to spot all the pieces and choose them as required.
  • Try to maintian a balance of having 2 heavy necklaces at opposite ended branches so as to distribute the weight evenly to avoid tilting.
  • This hanger can also help in organizing bracelets.
  • It can be hung on a hanging rod, or even a hook.

Fingers crossed and hope you all liked this. Below are some of the neckpieces I own. I love classic pieces as well as funky unusual ones…

First and foremost, here are my pearls..I have loads of traditional pearl sets, but I like to wear the inexpensive ones if I wana wear them on casuals. I love pearls bcoz they exude class and chicness…Wot do you gals think?

 Necklace hangerpearls

I did go through an Elephant phase (God only knows why)…Here’s are 2 of the elephant necklaces I got…Isn’t the B&W one cute? I love the closed eyes and the subtle smile…Looks sooooooooo cute!

Necklace hanger_elephants

Below are the Vintage type neckpieces Which I love wearing with semi-casual clothing.

 Necklace hanger_vintage

Here are 2 miscellaneous pieces…These are the shortest neckpieces I have since I usually wear only long ones.

 Necklace hanger_misc

And here are my beloved Owls….These days whenever I wear them, I think of Swats πŸ˜‰

 Necklace hanger_owls

I was once roaming through FC Road and saw these cute silver patterned necklaces and fell in love with the work done…Especially the tiny Footprints wala neckpiece….That has to be my fav of all!

Necklace hanger_silver pieces

Here are some funky pieces I have: the mirror one is a classic girly piece and the camera one is soooooooooooo cool!! I love wearing the cowgirl wala neckpiece over denims and checkered shirts. It looks really nice that way.

 Necklace hanger_funky pieces

Finally, here are some of the beaded necklaces I have..

Necklace hanger_beads

Here are some more storage ideas for your neckpieces:

    • Compartmentalized containers (long compartments)

These are similar to the type I explained about in the earrings holder post. The only difference here is that here, the compartments would need to be the longer ones as opposed to the short square ones. I store my more traditional neckpieces in these type of boxes. Brandmile and FnU also have similar boxes on sale from a company called Syal N Accessories.

 compartment box

  • Which kind of neckpieces you can store: All lengths and types including gold since the boxes are usually lined with satin or velvet.
  • This is for you if: You have a medium sized collection and a good amount of storage space since even the compartmentalized containers do take up space.
  • This is not for you if: You have a huge collection and realize that you end up forgetting you have most pieces and tend to use only the few ones on top.
  1. Bangle stands/ Necklace trees

Bangle stands are also great to hold your neckpieces. You can either twist them into a smaller chain and then hand then or else you can hang the longer ones on the top and the smaller ones on the lower rods/branches. This is a very good and cost effective way of storage since the bangle stands are easily available in all cities.

bangle stand

  • Which kind of neckpieces you can store: Small to medium length neckpieces.
  • This is for you if: You have a medium sized collection and some desk space to place the stand. And also if you don’t mind taking off 1-2 pieces from the beginning to get to a necklace at the base of the branch.
  • This is not for you if: If you have too many neckpieces or if like me, you have too many long necklaces and hate twirling them or hate removing neckpieces to get to one!
  • Clothes hook hangers (the type you drill in behind your doors)

This is another pocket friendly way to store your necklaces. All you need is a metal/plastic hanger, a drill and nails…and ofcourse your wall! πŸ˜‰ I’ve seen a lot of gals do this..even on Youtube. Just drill in the hangers behind your door. If you have a huge collection then hammer in 3-4 hangers one below the other leaving some hanging space in between. This can be used to hang both neckpieces and bracelets as well.

clothes hook

  • Which kind of neckpieces you can store: All lengths.
  • This is for you if: You have a huge jewellery collection and less surface space.
  • This is not for you if: This can be used to house all collections, from the smallest to the biggest πŸ™‚
  1. Jewellery Trays :Jewellery trays can also be used to store your neckpieces. These are used mostly by those who have a smaller collection and just need to grab a piece, put it on and rush out the door for work.


  • Which kind of neckpieces you can store: All types
  • This is for you if: You have a small collection and want them right in front of you so you can slip them on in a jiffy.
  • This is not for you if: You have a large collection which can’t be contained on a tray and will realize that its a real chore to untangle them.
  1. Clothes hangers

You can saw off one end of your hanger and then use it to hang your necklaces easily. These are also a great option coz you have all your nacklaces at the same level and can choose the one you like easily.

hanger use

  • Which kind of neckpieces you can store: All types
  • This is for you if: You have a large collection and no surface space.
  • This is not for you if: If you have too many neckpieces or if like me, you have too many long necklaces and hate twirling them or hate removing neckpieces to get to one!
  1. Notice boards/ Corkboards and pins

This is another option which can be used. Fix a thick thermocol board or corkboard on your wall. And then use push pins to hang your neckpieces.


  • Which kind of neckpieces you can store: Only light pieces on the thermocol board and any kind of pieces for the corkboard.
  • This is for you if: Corkboards are heavy duty and can stand a lot of weight; so heavy neckpieces can find a house on these board which is not the case with thermocol boards which can only stand light weighted neckpieces.
  • This is not for you if: If you have heavy neckpieces and have a thermocol board. This is because the push pins may not be able to hold heavy pieces to the board and would eventually crash to the ground.
  1. Door Knobs

I saw this in a video once and loved the idea. You must have seen door knobs in the furniture shops right? The brass ones, crystal ones, steel ones? Some of them are so pretty and ornate. You can choose the ones you like and just have them fixed to the wall. You can do this in a line or even in a staggered arrangement and then hang your necklaces on them. I love this idea since its very classy and you end up adorning your wall as well!


  • Which kind of neckpieces you can store: All types
  • This is for you if: You just need wall space for this
  • This is not for you if: You don’t have must wall space to spare.

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  1. wow very innovative zee madamie…loved all ur accessories..d elles n owls r so cute :cute: m a minimalistic accesory person πŸ˜› but will show dis to mom she will be super duper happy :dance:

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  4. FC road?? OMG!! I can rob you off of your stuff anytime I like, I’d just have to take a cab πŸ˜›
    and that elephant is so adorable the closed eye one πŸ˜€

    • Emm! u from pune too??

      the closed eyed ellie is from shoppers stop…he was chooo cute ke i cudnt resist πŸ™‚

      from hwere do u pick ur jewellery?

      • Yeahhhhhhhhhh!! I haven’t bought anything from Pune yet but yesterday I went to that complex in front of SGS mall and there were quite good deals par der ho rahi thi so I thought ll go back later but rates FC ke hi better hain

        • ah yea…clover center…i luv that place…but FC rd is better for gud deals..espcially for TP type items πŸ™‚ we shud meet sometime…r u a student or working?

  5. OMG.Thts actually a huge collection Zee :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: and wht an brilliant idea.Whts the price of those hangers yaar. i’ll also get thm nxt time m thrr at westside πŸ˜‰

  6. chocolates chocolates!!!!!!!! i want that dairy milk… πŸ˜› :inlove:
    so amazing no one over here failed to noticed the chocolate.. hahaha.. anyway i must admit, fantastic collection.. and superb organizing…

    • hah! where gals r there, coccies always hav t be noticed na πŸ˜‰ its ineviable..hehe….

      and thanx so much…glad u liked it…how do u organize ur vanity?

  7. Awesome collections girl !! And where do i find that twirly thing? I find that boxes wala idea better suited for me..cause i rarely wear them and it might catch dust if i hang them out like that without wearing..

  8. Haan dear…i get so tired traveeling to and fro work that a barely get to comment..else i make sure i read ALL the posts…god promise

  9. So innovative Z!!
    I love the twirl-a-tie thing, another mast idea!
    Loved your pearls and those tiny mirror pendants the besst! πŸ™‚ Especially the 2nd n 3rd from left waale pearls, gorgeous they are πŸ™‚

  10. yeah i just store all of them in a box.. i rarely use them so can’t hang them or keep them open.. but i don’t call it organised..lol.. πŸ˜›

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    Your owls are gorgeous…mekko bhi chahiye inne cute looking owls!!!! ek mamma owl and ek chottu owl!!! πŸ™‚

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    however am sure a gal like u can carry off anything πŸ™‚
    and thanks for the tips… v nice… I keep my neck pieces in plastic boxes… I’ll get some more with compartments… they seem good

    • haha!! it is totally like those luggage chains Forum…but yep, it looks very classy on a white shirt and trousers/denims… it rocks ):

      the compartment thing is always so useful…atleast u have the option of dividing based on the types or color…otherwise its one big jhamela… πŸ™‚

  13. zara…ur collection is amazingggggg……u r really fabulous girl….u have sooooooo muchhhhh vanity….collection queen u just have a collection for everything…..SUPER GIRL :inlove: :-* :clap-n-jump:

    • Gmorning Pavani…thanx so much…haha…my collection is like accumulated since so many years…a couple of pieces r brand new of course…hehe..how bout u? u like neckpieces?

  14. Uve got a really unique and interesting collection Z. Loved the vintage ones, owls, footprint 1, camera wala…oh so many:-) N a very well researched article i must say :yes: Am glad am not the only 1 obsessed with organizing my stuff πŸ˜‰

  15. ya i started collecting them since 4 months…actually we have this cooll store in a nearby mall where all the raw materials for neckpieces,bracelets,ear rings like the beads,pendents,wires,chains,bells n wat not are sold…with this we can make them at almost 1/3rd of their price..tried a few of them…so ya very much collecting them!!!!hehe πŸ˜€

  16. u hv Amazing collection of neckpieces!!
    Em also havin so many neckpieces dat wanted to know where and how to keep dem…

    Thnxx 4 dis lovely write-up. it helped me a lot


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