How to store vegetable stock

Making stock especially for soup is quite a put off and if you are in those who are fond of having soup every day then this tip is surely a must for you.

You can freeze stock of your choice eg .stock of all vegetables,tomatoes,spinach etc.Make it thick and let it cool at room temperature.Pour the stock into ice cubes trays and put it in the freezer.You can use the cubes directly or to store it for many days then transfer the cubes into a freezable polythene bag which has an air seal .(You can use zip pouch which are easily available in any of the grocery store nowadays in India).Remove the excess air and seal it tightly.

Put back the air sealed bag back into the freezer and use cubes when required.You can put 2-3 cubes of stock while making rice.This increases the flavor of the rice.You can put it in noodles and gravy also and make all the dishes nutritious and healthy.


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