I am in love with maxi dresses! Such a relaxed and easygoing look!

There are a million varieties of maxi dresses available in the market and there is no limit to the kind of experimentation you can do with this one garment!

The best part about these dresses? Each one can be uniquely styled to convey a certain mood or to reflect a particular kind of theme!


Promod orange printed maxi Outfit+fashion shop


I already did a story on a white maxi and how to pair it up with certain kind of accessories to reflect a Grecian sort of look. Well this time I have picked out another favourite number and it’s based on the bohemian look!

This bright orange printed maxi is from Promod! I love the colour! So bright and peppy! It is bound to lift up your mood (and everyone’s around you as well), especially in this dreary, depressing weather!

This leather sling I had picked up from Dilli Haat is just perfect with the outfit!!!


Promod orange printed maxi+skirts in style


For accessories, I went for a chunky metallic bangle and this golden Hasli I picked up from Janpath.

I prefer to keep my makeup minimal and natural because of the sticky weather!

Paired up the outfit with a pretty pair of Kolhapuri chappals (you can go for strappy sandals, gladiators) and you are all set.


Promod orange printed maxi OOTD+designer clothes online


I kept the hair simple and swept to one side. You can also go for a braid and try braiding strips of fabric with your hair! It looks really trendy!

And that completes the boho look for the maxi dress!

I’ll be back with more styles to wear a maxi….it is a particular favourite after all 😉

Till next time my lovelies!


P.S - I am a fashion designer/stylist (NIFT graduate), currently running my own label. I have been styling for various projects in the entertainment industry ever since I graduated and have recently launched a brand by the name of PREVASU (www.facebook.com/Prevasu)



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  1. Hey ,going by the title , you ‘Rock”ed the dress like a ‘Queen’ – amazing – maxi dresses are light and breezy and pretty – and why does everyone on this blog have such great hair ? 😛 seriously not fair. 😛

  2. NIce look! A prob i find with most maxis is that they show much more than 1 want… most of them have a very low nechline… and the arm holes are usually just too big… so I don’t find them suitable for my campus with 80%boys/ auto/ metro/ unchaffeured lifestyle.
    Prerna.. do you have any pics to make sleeveless and low neck dresses/tops less reavealing? I hate it hen tops come with huuuge armholes showing everything and beyond!

  3. thank u everyone!! im glad u liked d look <3
    @ arja: thank u so much! and u hv pretty hair too! 🙂
    @ vani: maxi dresses r always a great look. i will be writing an article soon on 10 ways to wear a maxi. u can pick out some of the styles from that. they r very wearable and quite modest! il get on it asap….hope u find it helpful :))


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