How To Style And Manage Curly Hair


By Mamta,

I have curly hair and I had no idea how to style them.Curls sometimes seems blessing and sometime a curse. I don’t know about you but for me my curls are more of a curse.

However with time I learnt a few great ways to style my hair. Today I am sharing a casual and easy to do look which is very simple to create.

How To Style Curly Hair

Wash your hair thoroughly using any shampoo of your choice. I used the wonder wise she shampoo fab India aloevera shampoo and conditioner . Now, instead of combing your hair after coming out from the shower, use your comb when you are in the shower.While you comb, be very very gentle and do not tea the ends as this causes the strands to split .

When you are finished wrap a towel on your hair and leave it for a little while. Wait for some five ten minutes and do not comb again.Now apply any styling mousse I use body shop mousse to the wet hair and let them dry on their own.Voilaa!!! you will have casual looking curls which are free from any frizz. Sometimes it doesn’t exactly fit the bill. In this instance, wash your tresses as previously noted, but don’t comb until you get out of the shower. Before you comb, apply a slicking gel that makes it easier to work out your tangles.When the hair gets dried set your hair dryer in the lowest setting and not on hot setting and brush your hair. This will prevent frizz more. If you have any anti spritzz spray then make use of it. I don’t have any so cant recommend one.

When you are through with the process comb though the top and pin back the right or left part with a beautiful flower or a head band .

You can make ponytails, braids or any different looks with curly hairs now by following this method.

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  1. Wonder tips. I was wondering which mousse to buy for my curly hair. Thank you for recommending Body Shop. Gotta head to mall this weekend to get it 🙂


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