How To Style Big Earrings


How To Style Big Earrings

We all discuss day in and day out about hair style and makeup and self – care tips. Not to forget these things are pretty essential and our entire look matters on them but we should not forget the part accessories play in our appearance.

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I am specifically writing this post to enhance the importance of ear rings รขโ‚ฌโ€œ specially the big earrings in our minds so that we know how to use them effectively. We all possess them in our jewelry boxes but only few know how and when to carry it.

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Let’s see some of our Wiseshe looks as adorned by our very own Anamika. I am using her as an example to put my message across. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

Big Earrings with A Top

Lakme pop tint Plum rush FOTD

Pay attention to her Bronze and golden loop hanging from behind her ear. It’s a modern look which is usually not seen going good with a modern dress. But it’s only a taboo and has nothing factual about it. She has teamed it with a simple straightened hair which makes it even more appealing. The earrings are looking extremely pretty and are completing the look.

Big Earrings with Simple Traditional Saree

Perfect Look

Next is the traditional avatar. Adorning a flesh tint colored Saree with big hangings and curled up hair are making her look so traditional and beautiful. The look is suitable for Bengali or Hindu or any other custom followed in the country since it’s the earrings that are the defining feature.

Big Earrings with Stylish Ethnic Outfit

 makeup with earrings

Her next look is filled with tradition as well as oomph. While her attire due to its style and color catches attention, you cannot afford to miss the earrings and teeka she is carrying. Specific to the earrings, I love the pearl beads hanging and the round shape. By the way, round earrings suit round and oval faces both. Do try this semi-modern look which is only getting enhanced with those lovely ear rings.

Big Earrings with Top

Anamika red lips

Notice her top? I guess now you are totally engrossed into earrings! Ha ha! Caught you! Well this is the magic ear rings can spell if you choose them. Her necklace and ear rings are the center of attraction since they look extremely stylish and steal the show. Try this look and surprise yourself!

Big Earrings with Simple Black top

 party look

What do you think of her look in this pic? I believe my point must have become clearer by now. A little effort on accessorizing helps you throw your own fashion statement. I am sure we all have one black t-shirt or top in our closet! What has she done different to look this much better and what do we miss to become fashionable ourselves? Earrings! Yes! Just focus on the way it has changed her look here. Silver earrings are adding so much value to her looks and she looks awesome!

Well I believe, we all can manage to become a lot better if we follow some simple steps on a day to day basis. I don’t say that change yourself entirely but we should always keep ourselves updated of what’s happening around and how we could look good in the days to come. There is nothing like not being fashionable or not using a little bit of accessories in our appearance. I am sure you would agree that you always feel better when people compliment you than the usual days when no one says anything. Well be the charmer! I am sure you can do it.

How do you like to wear those chunky big ear pieces?

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