How to Style Cardigans


How to Style Cardigans

Hello Women! I am here today to discuss styles you can do with cardigans. There are quite a few examples in front of us which would help you find new ways to flaunt your cardigans and give others something to talk about. Well quite often it so happens that we are tired of seeing monotonous designs and styles so I feel it was more or less a necessity for me to do this post today. Checkout How to Style Cardigans.


cardigan styling

kendal jenner in cardigan

Cardigans could be long, short, lose, fitting and what not. Styling them includes pairing them with the right bottoms and inserts. So this means you got to wear it but do it right. I hope by the end of the post you would be able to style your cardigans in a lot of different ways. And I really hope you find this post useful enough. I am sharing the styles I like the most out of several.

Do let me know how you like the post.

Keep it short

short cardigan

Well, this is the style I assume we have imbibed from the past but adjusted it to the modern requirements of fashion. This style is to keep the cardigan up to the waist. It could go with any bottom wear that you choose a skirt, or a trouser or simple denims!

Long for a long and loose

loose cardigan

This one can definitely keep you up and going. You can in fact identify this style running from quite a long period. Any westerners would vouch for this style being carried by their grandmothers. This is the most accepted style in fact specially during winters.

Wear it alone

cardigan top

You could wear your cardigan like a top and make the most of it. There are a lot of styles that could follow here for your cardigan top which can again go with any kind of bottom wear. This can surely never go wrong with nice pair of trousers that you kept for special occasions.

With a belt

cardigan with belts

This one sure would attract most of you. Specially if you have maintained yourself, you sure got to style this. You can always wear your shapeless cardigans this way which you otherwise wanted to discard.

A leather jacket above it could rock your Look!

cardigan with leather jacket

Try wearing your cardigan under a leather jacket. This sure would be a style that people would remember seeing you for. You can surely think about this look this year!

Over a long skirt

cardigan with maxi skirt

This one is one of the styles I really admire. It looks really awesome and is mostly found in European countries during the winter season. You can recall it worn by actresses like Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet in some of their classic movies. This style might be old but is definitely trending since ever.

Do try these styles and let me know how it looked on you. I know this is a little early as the winter season is still a little far off, but let’s ensure we welcome the winter season with all our might and preparedness. I really feel good about the winters as the jackets and cardigans come to your rescue and you can actually afford to wear anything with them. Absolutely good use of clothes is possible when it’s cold outside and when it actually is a necessity to deck yourself in those stylish cardigans.

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