How To Style Curly Hair Naturally


How To Style Curly Hair Naturally

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You are born with naturally curly hair and often find it difficult to maintain the super curly curls? Remember, most women with straight hair sure would have been jealous of your hair at some point. Women, alike me with straight hairs have been spending long hours to get those beautiful curly locks that you have naturally.

Wiseshe brings to you easy ways in which you can style your curly hair naturally

Love your natural locky curls

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Put down your hot tools especially if you live in a hot, humid climate, it’s killing to put much effort if you end up having a bad day! Damn. What do I do? Clinch on to natural curls. Flaunt them!

Go straight, if you want to

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There are many ways by which you can opt to get rid of curls. Why do hair straightening products exist in the market? You can resort to hair styling salons as well as opt for home remedies for straightening your curly locks.

Invest smart in a Ceramic flat iron

One of the most common ways of straightening hair is investing in an iron and use it at home conveniently.

Frizzy curls need care

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Curly hair needs more care than straight hair as it tends to be more brittle, dryer, and frizzy. The causes are breakage and damage caused by moisture loss. It can be tamed by using a good shampoo, conditioner and serums without silicone.

Condition once a week

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Deep conditioning treatments are made to provide your hair all the nourishment and moisture which has been stripped off your hair. The aim is to make sure that products used are well combined in your hair, they should penetrate deep inside which is deep conditioning.

Blow dry, Right manner

Who doesn’t love a fresh blow dried hair? Don’t we all just love the way we feel when we walk out of a salon with blow dried hair? But we cannot go to the salon often. It is quite cumbersome especially when you have to do it for yourself. Invest in a hair dryer and ensure the right tools and techniques to achieve good results.

Comb with brush

Curly hair can’t be brushed? False! It is vital to comb the hair as it helps in blood circulation of the scalp and thus makes the hair glossier, less frizzy and straight. The hair can get very wavy while brushing but that’s ok. Once hair is washed it will get normal. No matter what hair type one should always brush the hair with a soft hair brush.

Distribute the product evenly on your hair

This is a very crucial step. You cannot just dab it on to the scalp or the root ends. One needs to work the product on the palms and then apply it gently on the sides, top and sections of the hair. Taking small products at a time is better than taking a huge amount once.

Headbands are an excellent choice when you are in a hurry

headbands for winters

Invest in some good hair accessories. They can transform bad hair days into fab ones instantly. There are plenty of ways one can try it make it look quirky and feminine when matched with colour co-ordinated outfits.

Get the right hair cut

You won’t believe how good your hair can look after the right haircut. Consulting a good hair stylist and opting for a classic look that will never go out of style is always suggested.


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