How To Style Pants In Various Ways


How To Style Pants In Various Ways

Being a woman is a boon in itself that one can experiment with a lot of clothing options. I am sure all you ladies would agree to me here. Well, I have seen men donning those two three options and that too I feel amused they seem to be so choosy about. I mean do they have options beyond colors to try in pants?

I am sure they have their own ways to look at the attire they choose but I am pretty pleased with the options we have to wear every day. Let me bring to you the various styles in pants and not just the skirts.

Formal Pants

The obvious bottom that we share with men! The formal pants, as they are called are the most basic form of pants and are universally accepted as the formal office wear for women. They come in various styles like ankle length cropped or proper formal pants. One usually teams them with formal shirts and are usually meant for office wear alone.

During winters, one can however these pants can be and are usually teamed with blazers or coats.

Palazzo Pants


Palazzos are a traditional outfit which is again back to trend and this time with a big bang. They are being put on as formal as well as informal bottom wear. It is specially being preferred by heftier women as it gives leaner appearance.

They are being worn with simple spaghetti tops, or with shirts and coat or with a normal shirt. Giving it an ethnic touch, you can also wear it with a long kurta or kurti. These could be plain or printed depending on your choice and selection. They are definitely a must have across seasons as they give you a comfortable wear replacing the old school style of wearing denims and normal pants

Dhoti Pants


Again a transition from the earlier times but from the different gender altogether. Yes! Dhoti pants were worn by men but are being carried to the present by women quite gracefully. They are being worn with long and short tops and kurtis giving it a total chic look. They are being worn by women across ages and figures. I am sure you have also thought about wearing it. Do take inspirations from the celebrities donning them in such good style.

Cropped Pants


These are the newest addition to the fashion times of the present. With ankle length or even shorter pant styles, one can imagine the fashion scene going pretty high with the style statement bestowed by these pants. These look hip and urbane. Most females pair them with formal shirts while some teenagers might wear it with semi casual and casual tops.

Leather pants

leather pants fashion

I remember when these pants came to the scene, everyone wanted one and soon these were a part of every wardrobe almost. These look too rock classy and people love them till now. You can best style them with checked shirts or open tops. These look classy with long boots and heeled shoes. A must have for your wardrobe if you believe in looking the hottest of them all.

I am sure by now you agree with me that we are the luckiest to have so many options to wear. These are only pants, while we have the options to put on those skirts, sarees, salwar kameez and other traditional outfits while the male fraternity can only have their share of pants and at best some form of traditional attire.

Have you tried these pant styles?

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