How To Style Pastels In Winters


How to style Pastels in winters

Knock knock …. Guess who is here with you all.

Howdy people!

I know I am no Santa’s elf but writing for wiseshe and connecting with you guys after a long long time gives a total elf sort of feeling. To add more to it, it is the month of Christmas.

When we talk about winters and Christmas, we also think about the trends and styles apart from the celebrations and festivities. No sooner the winters officially hit, the malls, the streets are all filled with shades of browns, deep grays, burgundy, black etc. It is always assumed that dark colors replace the pastels and lighter shades during this season….. But……..
Oh I like the “But” when we talk about fashion. It sort of gives a relief that there is more that can be done.


Here the “But” is to add that pastels too can be worn with elegance in winters, and yet manage to keep your style quotient upbeat.

Before you lasses start wondering HOW, let me share few tips to style Pastels in winters.

  • The all Pastels look


To start with let us go with a bold trend. Going all pastels with your attire may actually freak you out, but when done right this look has all the capabilities to set your style step right. You can decide to dress in a pastel dress or a pastel dress set, like a pastel pink top paired with a pastel mint trouser. Ensuring adding a bold accessory to this look and break the Pastel card. A printed belt or a bold bag would do well here.

  • Play it smart with Pastels


If the concept of all pastel puts you off; however you wish to give pastels look a shot. You may wish to try combining stuff. Take a pastel attire, may be a coat or a dress, and let them be the focus of your look. To do so all you need is too combine the pastel dress with dark, or neutral shade. This can’t get you wrong either way.

  • Gradients of the shade


This is an easy one. All you got to do is to choose your pastel shade and layer it up with a deeper toned clothing of the same color category. For instance you may try a pastel blue shirt, or a top layered with a blue jacket, blazer, or a sweater. This can never get you go wrong.

  • Pair with stand out patterns


Pastels have a tendency to wash you out during winters. Keeping in mind this fact, one may try pairing pastels outfits with bold, stand out patterned layers.

  • Play with winter fabrics


If not done right, the pastel outfit may give your look a summery vibe. To avoid your outfit from looking too summery, the best bet to do is to combine your pastels with winter fabrics. Make sure to combine with knits, leathers, and heavier drape fabrics. Doing so will give your pastels look a winter vibe, keep you warm, and keep up the style game on. A lot of benefits with just a simple smart layer, quite a deal!

  • Power to pastel pants


Pastels bottoms are really cool and to avoid a spring look try pairing with a leather jacket.  This will not only add a winter vibe to your look. But this edgy look is sure to make heads turn; after all you will look a winter glam diva.

  • Pastel accessories


Styling pastels is not always confined to clothing. You can play with pastels with your deep toned winter attires. A pastel clutch or bag with a deep toned winter outfit works fabulously. You may also play with pastel footwear the similar way.

So my dear beautiful lasses this is all about pastel styling from my end. I am sure you too have got some style tips. Please share your tips and trick, and pour your suggestion in the comments’ box below.


Before I bid you bye, one last tip about pastel styling; try a pastel nail paint to add pastels to your look when you wish to try dark hued clothes and yet wish to add a touch of pastel to your look.




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