How To Style Plaid Patterns Like A Pro


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plaid dresses styling

Plaids are one pattern which you can easily identify from a distance. This pattern gives you a distinct edge over others if you do it properly. I am sure you have seen those checkered shirts which people have been wearing leaving you admiring them. Well it’s time for you to follow the style and make the style your forte like it’s your very own.

But how to do it effectively and like a pro could be your concern. Well you need not worry while we are here. I am sharing some tips that you could use and style your plaid outfits totally in sync with the flowing trend.

Plaid skirts with denim shirt/ jacket

deepika padukone in plaid skirt

You could pair your plaid Knee-Length or mini skirt with a jacket or an open shirt made of denim like a shrug. It could be teamed with your favorite hat or cap to make it even better.

plaid with denim jecket

Your shoes would also make you better in appearance.

Plaid shirts with denims

Deepika Padukone Hot in Transperant Dress

Simply pair your plaid shirts with denim shirt and you have the option of wearing it open with a shirt inside or leave it buttoned down. Both ways plaids would let you rock the look.

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Biel leaves her restaurant in West Hollywood You should try this style with your shorts, skirts and those rugged denims that you kind of discarded. They are trending for sure.

Plaid Long skirts

plad long skirt

You could carry your long plaid skirts with a nice top and make it count. Accessorize with long boots, earrings etc. and make the most of it. You can wear it in winters with leggings too if your skirt is not very conducive for the weather.

Plaid coats

deepika padukone plaid dress

With winters approaching, try wearing plaid coats and overcoats and I assure you a complimenting day whenever you style it properly. You can wear it with your denims or your trousers that coordinate with the plaid coat in color. The inside and outside of your clothes should definitely be in sync and make it a hit combination for you.

Plaid coats

Things to take care of while wearing plaid dresses

long shirt dress plaid

There are a lot of things you need to take care of while wearing plaid outfits like a pro. Do not worry these are definitely not hard hitting things but some bit of style conscious detailing that if paid attention to, make for a good dressing sense!

  • Always remember these few things while you carry plaids anywhere on your body and you are sorted
  • The only thing you need to take care of while wearing plaid styles is that you should not team it with same style of the top or bottom.
  • Always wear plaids with alternate combination i.e. either the top should be plaid or the bottom, not the two together as it makes it a bad combination which does not look good rather makes you appear silly.
  • Also, while you accessorize do not carry too much of accessories as it might make you appear funny than stylish. Also it would take the thunder away from the plaids.

Hope you find this article good enough to make you fall for plaids. If not a pro immediately, you would definitely find a lot of help here. I hope you dress up really well and the plaids do not disappoint you though these are trending the world over. I am already on the verge of buying my own plaid coat for the upcoming winter season.


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