How to Style Ruffle Dresses


How to Style Ruffle Dresses

Hello Ladies!

I am sure you are all following the latest trends in fashion. I mean I have a set goal in life which is to never settle for anything less than what I consider trendy while I dress up. So dressing myself up with latest of styles is something I pursue and the reason I share it all with you is obvious because our association is such that we got to share it all.

To this end, today I am going to share some options of ruffle dresses which you could try. Do not worry as I will share some desi styles as well which can definitely appeal to you if you are more into desi Indian styles. So do read on.

Ruffle top with saree

ruffle top with saree

This is a unique way to style your saree this season around. It is not a really new style as Bengali women have been wearing it but there are now new styles that are coming in these ruffles which make it a great trend these days. You can confidently carry them and flaunt your style.

Ruffle dress

Ruffled bodycon dress

You can never escape the magic of a ruffle dress. It looks awesomely hot and makes one look straight out of a fairy tale. These are really nice dresses which have been ruling the fashion scene since long now,

Off shoulder ruffle maxi dress

ruffled A- LINE DRESS

Isn’t it a Cinderella feeling while you wear them? I just love this off shouldered version as it leads me to the fantasy world that we grow up with. What do you think?

Ruffle crop top and A-line skirt


You can style your ruffle crop top with an A-line skirt which would help you have a shaped attire defining your assets in line with your skirt and the top would do the rest to bring the desired oomph.

Ruffle top with a fitted trouser


This one is a sure way to make your figure appear slimmer and prettier. Even pear-shaped people would look good in this kind of attire as this would take care of the upper body fat making you look leaner.

Ruffle top with pencil skirt

ruffled skirt

You could style your pencil skirt with your ruffle top and hit the roads hard!

ruffled maxi dress

I am sure you would fall for this idea as it would be a good style that can be put to good use!

Ruffled bodycon dress

ruffled bodycon dress

This dress can be a sure hit if you try it on some party! You can definitely imagine heads turning towards you.

Ruffle boho top with torn jeans

ruffled boho top with jeans

You can never go wrong if you pair anything with your pair of rugged or torn denims. Think about this, a boho ruffled top and your torn jeans, you are sure to have good eyes on you!

Ruffled silhouette

silhoutee with ruffled top

A totally fairy tale dress, isn’t it? I am sure you would love it too. I love the idea of wearing it on parties and in today’s time, no cocktails go without these dresses. Go for them girls!

ruffled dress maxi

Hope you like the idea of these ruffle dresses that I shared. With the celebrations and festivities approaching, I hope these ideas would come in handy to you for your outings and parties. Do let me know your views and comments on the post and if you have any other suggestions, please do show some love!


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