How To Style Scarf – Accessorize in Bow Knot


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After making our boring scarves into statement neckpieces, making them practical to wear and adding in the right bling. Now let’s make them into statement bows.  And here is how you do it. Well this is a little confusing if not followed well. So pay attention ladies.

Here we go:

All we need is a long scarf or a short one, but definitely in a rectangular shape and the material has to be thin and soft. And 2 safety pins.


rectangular thin scraf+style a scarf


Step 1: I have taken a long scarf. If you are using a scarf of shorter length, you may avoid this step. Assuming you using a similar length we will fold the scarf in half. Like this.


Bow knot style scarf step 1+scarves in style


Step 2: Take one half of the folded scarf and fold it like a petal , like this. Remember the loose end besides the petal, we will use it later.


Bow knot style scarf step 2+hair scarf styles


Step 3: Take the second half and fold it in a similar way inwards towards the centre in a cross. Something like this.


Bow knot style scarf step 3+how to style scarves


Step 4: Separate the 2 loose ends of the scarf and take the end of the first end (mentioned in Step2) full circle between them, through the centre of the bow. Like this.



Bow knot style scarf step 4+spring scarves


Step 5: Secure it with a safety pin on the back side after the full circle.


Bow knot style scarf step 5+hair scarf


Step 6: Pin it on your favourite plain tee or dress to add the right amount of cuteness 🙂


Bow knot style scarf step 6+scarves style



Did you like the bow style accessorizing the scarf?

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