How To Style Teal Colour Outfits


How To Style Teal Colour Outfits

Hello, people! Pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Naah! Not anymore. The fashion scene is not colour bound these days according to gender and girls are rocking Blue Family dresses like none’s business. Recently, I have done a post on Indigo outfits which I am sure you should check out if you are a Blue Lover.

teal color outfits

Teal is another colour from the Blue family which looks really bright and beautiful on every skin tone. This is a perfect all season round colour and trust me, if you can wear it, get ready to seek attention. So without stretching much, let’s scream for attention and see how we can style our Teal Outfits. 🙂

how to style teal color outfit

How To Style Teal Outfits?

The Teal Gown:

style teal outfit

Silk Teal gown surely gives us glam goals! The Miss World contestant surely made us skip a heartbeat at her appearance in the beautiful gown. And if you love to flaunt like her, don’t forget to go fully browny nude on makeup so that your dress can be your style quotient.

The Bridesmaid in Teal:

style teal outfits

If you have a wedding to attend as a bridesmaid and you want to wear something other than traditional white, red or black, opt for teal. The sheer bridesmaid dress makes the colour even more popping and definitely a blingy bad with some heavy earrings will add to the look a rare beauty.

The Teal Formality:

If you are wondering what to wear on a formal invitation, a teal gown is your answer. You can absolutely pair up your most formal look with this outfit and still will look gorgeous. A piece of Diamond should enhance your presence along with a top bun. Formality anyone? 🙂

Saree in Teal:

Indian Wear is incomplete without a saree and teal is one of the most uncommon colours which Indian woman wear. The logic of Opposite attracts applies to the attire and you can pair anything contradictory with this outfit. It will look glamourous yet decent.

Teal Salwar:

When it comes to elegance, nothing can match a traditional attire. Teal Salwars look freaking awesome when paired with Gold ornaments and Golden makeup look. You can make the look subtle by replacing gold with Beige. Pair up with a big chunk of earring and a ring to maximise the effect.

Teal Crop Top:

Crop Tops are so in fashion and a colour like Teal always adds to the charm. Pair it up with Charcoal Jeans or White Cot to focus more on the top colour. Never go matchy-matchy with a Blue one.

Strapless Maxi Dress:

If you are opting for a strapless maxi dress, then make sure to keep the look really minimal. The dress should speak for itself and so a black clutch like Salma Hayek is apt for it. You can pair it with a Choker too if you want to make it look really fashionable,

That’s all folks! Hope you have liked the post 🙂

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