How To Style The Famous Center Parted Hairstyle


How To Style The Famous Center Parted Hairstyle

With so many different hairstyles around, we almost forgot the classic center partition hairdo! A hairstyle with a center partition is slimming & gives a neat overall look. It never goes out of style & many celebs have been seen rocking this look lately. Today, we take a look at some such hairstyles ideas with center partition for you to try on!

The Classic Long Tresses:

Nothing looks classier than smooth & straight locks! Whether you have medium length hair or long flowing hair, this hairdo always looks gorgeous. And, it is really easy-to-do & time saving as well!

Center Parted Bun:

A bun looks extremely elegant with a center partition. Simply pull back your hair doing a center part. You can of course decide on how tight you want to pull the hair back, but a tight low bun is a perfect choice for formal events & office meetings.


Center Part Messy Ponytail:

Usually you pull your hair backwards or go with a side part to style the messy ponytail. But one with a center part looks just as fabulous! In addition, let the loose bangs from the sides frame your face & you are good to go!


Half Up Half Down:

This is an easy-to-do hairdo & looks good with both casual & formal attire. You can either go with a deep center part or a subtle one. In fact, you can even accentuate this look by adding a small puff!


Center Part Bob:

Even short hair can be styled well with a center part. Whether it is straight, wavy or full on curls, the center partition looks really chic. And, many celebs have been seen sporting this look as well!


Centre Part Sleek Ponytail:

A sleek ponytail with a center part adds a feminine touch to your personality & looks slimming too! It is a great way to flaunt those healthy luscious locks! To step up your hair game, you may also try a hair wrapped ponytail keeping the deep center part intact.


Center Part Braided Updo:

The year 2015 saw a lot of different braid hairstyles. So, going along with the trend, try a braided updo with a center partition. Simply center part your hair & divide them into 2 parts. Now braid the front strands of your hair & gather a back updo hairstyle. This looks very elegant & is a great choice when you wish to go easy on the makeup & pull all the focus to your hair.


Which one these center part hairstyles do you like?

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