How To Switch Your Skincare Routine For Fall


How To Switch Your Skincare Routine For Fall

Just like we change our wardrobe from summer to fall collection, we have to rotate our skin products as well. We are nothing if our skin isn’t healthy and shiny in all seasons.

Our skin needs a change because the moisture levels shrink in the fall. With the change in season, the weather, our skin and our hormones also change. And thus for maintaining our complexion and for that flawless glow, we need to take care of some things.

Creamier cleanser

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser for sensitive skinFresh Soy Face Cleanser for sensitive skin

Cleanser is important for all season; it helps in deep cleaning of our skin. In fall, one should opt for a creamier cleanser as this season comes with dryness. Creamier the cleanser is more it will moisturize your skin.
Other option is to use gel based cleanser in the morning and then a creamier one at night.

We can also create a cleanser at home which will deeply nourish your skin. Take 2 table spoon of castor oil, 2 table spoons of lavender oil, 2 table spoon of milk cream, and if available chamomile essential oil. Mix all these and apply on skin. Massage it for 4-5 minutes and wash by normal water. Do not use soap or face wash to wash your face.

SPF is important

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No matter whichever season it is, SPF is extremely important. Applying sun screen 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun is must. Best way is to mix a little of SPF in Thick moisturizer and then applying, by this you can roam all day without that sticky feeling.

Avoid alcohol-based toners

We all prefer alcohol based toners as it is good for skin and for glow. Alcoholic toners smoothens the skin. But in fall, one must avoid alcohol based toners as the skin changes in this season and dehydrates it.

Body Scrub

Fall is the best time to introduce a face and body scrub. Habit of scrubbing once or twice a week, can beautifully treat all those different dry areas.

You can make a body scrub at home by taking these things: 1 tablespoon of Aata Chokar, Milk Cream, Lemon and a pinch of Turmeric Powder. Mix well and rub onto your body and face properly.

Lip scrub and lip balm

With all body dehydrating in this season of Fall, lips too need care. First of all, scrub your lips. Scrubbing helps removing dead cells from lips.

Many lip scrubbers are available in market in descent prices and then applying lip balm which have SPF. If you make a habit of daily applying lip balm just after your bath, you will discover your lips turning pink and soft.

Use an eye cream


Before sleeping, in Fall always go for taking utmost care of your eyes. Research says that skin under the eyes is the most sensitive and eyes get dry faster than any part of the body.

Many under eye creams are available in market. You can also use rosewater to hydrate your eyes. It gives the utmost cooling effect in eyes. Other than this, Gulaab-ark which comes in a tiny eye drop bottle is a perfect way to use in daily life and maintaining the beauty of eyes both internally and externally.


Scalp should also be taken care of. People with oily scalp should use Hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Also those who face Dandruff in this season should wash their hair with Anti Dandruff Shampoo or if wish to go natural than wash your hair daily with the mixture of besan and milk, afterwards wash with normal shampoo.

How do you Switch Your Skincare Routine For Fall?

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