How To Take Care Of Coloured Hair


I have been asked about my hair care routine a  lot many times here and with some spare time in my hand I thought of doing this post :).My hair have gone through many things and I take all the responsibility of it. First time I bleached my hair was when I was in 10th standard without my mother’s knowledge and result was disaster. Unaware of this debacle, they became rough and like katrina kaif says in her panteene  shampoo ad – “Ghaassh” :D:D.

There was also a time when I thought I am going to be bald soon. Actually, I got them re-bonded and just after a few weeks of rebonding,  I had so many functions to attend so I went ahead and used hot curlers on my rebonded hair and did a few more terrible things and thereafter my hair fall started. Thankfully with some treatments and home-made hair recipes, I regained back the strength, volume and softness of my hair.

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Now after two and half years I have again got my hair colored  but this time result has turned out nice because now after so many experiments, I have a bit of idea about how to take better care of them.


This is my hair care routine since two months which is not too expensive and is working great .Previously I was using L’oreal professional series shampoo, conditioner and mask which used to get over in almost 20 days so my hair care regimen use to be quite expensive.Thankfully now I know an easy and inexpensive ways to take care of coloured hair.

  • Matrix Biolage Ultra-Hydrating shampoo for dry, thick hair – This shampoo I believe is God sent to me .I haven’t suffered any hair fall while using this .It cost Rs 345 for 400ml and its been two months and there is still quite a bit of product left in it.It thoroughly cleans oil or any kind of hair packs from my hair and doesn’t make my coloured hair feel too dry.
  • Matrix Biolage Fortifying Conditioner – This conditioner is specifically meant for chemically treated hair and cost Rs285 for 196gm.It helps in controlling frizz and making my hair smooth.
  • L’oreal total repair(5) total repairing  Masque – After using the above conditioner I use L’oreal masque to get over more dryness.I won’t say it’s one of the awsome masques .You can use any other of your favourite masque instead of this but with coloured hair I will advise to use atleast one after shampooing and conditioning your hair.I have used Dove hair masque also which too worked more or less same.
  • Loreal Professional hair serum(Rs545)- I have been using this serum since years and I am addicted to it.Hair get instantly smooth and light with this.It’s easily available, lasts long and makes my hair managable.


With this once a week I use Matrix Biolage hydratherapie intense moisture Masque (Price Rs  410 for 392gm)which is for normal to dry hair.I apply this masque layer by layer in my hair  and wrap them up with a shower cap for three to four hours.If I have some time to spare, I wrap a hot towel on it to deep condition them and then wash off my hair with a Biolage shampoo.The day I use this I don’t use any other conditioner or masque.

I must tell you that I liked L’oreal hair spa nourishing cream bath more moisturizing than biolage one but as I didn’t find L’oreal one( I am lazy) near by I am using this one and my hair are responding well with it .

Also, whenever my schedule allows me I take hair spa or deep conditioning in VLCC.I just love pamepring my hair and ahhh it is relaxing 🙂 I just started imagining it.

With this oiling hair previous night or half an hour before going to bath bring extra shine and warmth to hair.As I have been using a lot of chemicals (all these masque, conditioners, spas are nothing but full of chemical) so once in a while I take a break and use egg mask, mayo mask  on my hair.

I will also share some of my coloring hair experience as this is the fourth time I have taken it.

  • You have a function or a party to attend and just 2-3 days back you’ve coloured your hair and now thinking for straigthening or perming. Beware, you are heading towards a disaster .You must wait atleast for two weeks after coloring.Plan them in advance otherwise perms or straightening solutions are going to damage hair and you will notice your hair breaking much easily than before.
  • Avoid split ends as much as possible .Best is to get your hair trimmed every four to six weeks.
  • Although your hair are dead but treat them nicely.Avoid tugging your hair and wash them gently.Wash your hair thoroughly and do not let the traces of shampoo stay in them.I still believe in old school of thought and wash my hair every alternate days and not every day.
  • If you are colouring your hair to  hide grey hair then get them coloured once a month and not every fifteen days.For those who do not suffer from grey hair, I personally feel a gap of three to four month is necessary before getting them coloured again.


When you make weekend plans do include some hair care treatment aside.Using home made packs are a good way to give some chemical free love to your hair.


This is all from my side 🙂


Have a happy healthy hair day!!



  1. Loved this post A..Read it twice already!!!

    have a couple of questions A…kinda long but ur the only one who can help with ur vaaaaaaaaast wala experience:

    1. my hairfall rate is normal but the hair groeth rate is very poor..hairfall has reduced alot with the shampoo m using but wud like to kno any natural wala mask or anything for hair growth especially so that the tiny wisps of hair grow fast.
    2. i wash my hair daily simply coz if i wash alternately i notice more hairfall during the bath. m a bit puzzled bout this.
    3. u kno the kinda crazy hair i have…i wud luv to go for hair smoothening but m scared that it may get all botched up and my hairfall will grow no bounds…


    • Zee
      there are two things which helped me growing the length of my hair but that is all my experience.
      1stly hot oil it improves the circulation of blood cell in the scalp so i guess it makes the hair grow faster. Including milk, eggs and vitamin in the diet with this using egg in hair helps .

      if u wanna go for smoothening i guess first get hair fall in control and then think about it.if u take proper care of hair then i don see any reason it will create problem only thing is when yur natural curly growth starts then it looks very phhhunny :rotfl: i am imagining u 😛

      for washing daily or i think this is as per one choice if its goes well with you then u can stick to it..only thing our hair wants is moisture and massage..they r just dead we need to bring the shine that is it. hai na.?

  2. Anaaaa…. I lub lub lub you :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :kissing:
    You are the bestest!! 😀 Like Zee…. me too read this twice 🙂
    I have to color my hair every month coz othe greys (wwwaaahhhhhh) but now that I have started using your packs – mayo and vitamin hair treatment – and also the curry leaves wala oil(s) my hair feels so much better. Hairfall is there (but i guess its more coz i dint have iron or vit e tabs after delivery) but the hair – which is left on my head- feels much better.
    I got the biolage masque too.. i used it only once but dint wash it off with shampoo so the result was not too great 🙁 Will use it again this week. Is it ok to use it the day after coloring???
    I got Zara wala Jovees pack too. Yet to use that 🙂 I plan to use one every week!!!
    Ana… sugest some good hair masks na. The Loreal one dint work for me. 🙁
    Btw did i tell you that I lub you 😉

    • u shouldn’t use any thing for 2-3 days then u can use biolage masque..i wonder how u survived without washing it off :rotfl: also if u colour yur hair today then go for the masque thing on weekend ..its really helpful otherwise regular colouring that too on grey hair is such a pain :pain:

      yesssss u told me that u love me and well who doesnt want to be lovedddd na…tell me this every day ok?

      Mals …i guess vite tablets really helps but take with doc consideration soon with continious curry leaves wala oil thing yur hair fall should stop i believe.

    • Hey Mals..i wash it off with shampoo only coz i use the pack in the morning and keep it on ususally till evening if i have the time..if ur applying it at night then u can shampoo directly in the morning..

    • 🙂 🙂 yeps dear…ive never tried that honestly coz i hate the mess i hav t clean i always apply in themornigna nd wash late evening..

  3. a very nice write up..just a question? my hubby colours his hair with l’oreal…and his scalp starts flaking badly right after..can u suggest any remedy?

  4. good post !! know i know y u flaunt such healthy hair 😀 😀 . i have few grey hair too. hereditary. But mum doesn’t let me color. I had fine thin hair few months ago. Zara you can do this.i have new growth and reduced fall due to some changes. i have palak+tomato+lemon+curry leaves juice in morn. i have soaked methi seeds and soaked triphalam every morning. have milk,eggs and til seeds. reduce salt and spices.keep system clean. no constipation. apply curd+amla+curry leaves+onion pack once a week. it works wonders !! . i don’t really care about frizz and jazz as long as i have no fall and my hair continues to grow. i would like to supplement with some tabs. any suggestions Ans ?

  5. Hey I also like Matrix Biolage Shampoo … the one I have is for coloured hair thoh I have never coloured my hair. It’s just that this particular shampoo was suggested by one salonist and she advised that I use mild shampoos so that the quality of my hair is maintained 🙂
    Just one suggestion from my end… in case the problem of hairfall is faced due to any reason, 2 ayurvedic oils have proven to help to a good extent. One can mix Kuntulakanti hair oil and Neelibringadi (coconut base) hair oil and apply it. If the person suffers from cold, on that particular day, Neelibringadi can be avoided. I have recently purchased these 2 oils for my mum, since had heard and read a lot about them. My mum colours her hair and thoh she has lovely hair, she has been facing hairfall and her hair is getting a l’il scanty from the forehead which we believe is ‘coz of colouring. Another thing is it’s always better to purchase any ayurvedic stuff from a recognised and well-known ayurvedic shop only rather than buying it randomly from the first ayurvedic shop on the road.

  6. Hi my question has nothing to do with hair though i have dry hair which is falling at an alarming rate.Iwanted to ask if after applying curd on my face can i use a facewash or simply washing with plain water will do?

  7. hey ladies- thanks for an awesome post and such excellent tips and tricks. a topic so close to my heart. 🙂 I am well into my 40’s and I need to color very often. This is my hair routine. Pls let me know if this sounds ok to you folks –

    I use Loreal shine waala shampoo and the conditioner. alternate it with Dove conditioner sometimes. other than that I oil my hair every week. i basically put either coconut, amla, olive or almond oil (Iam an oil freak) for abt 1 hour and shampoo. I also use the Loreal hair masque (mentioned in this article) once in 15 days. The way I use the masque is that I apply it. keep it for 30 mins and then shampoo and condition. is that fine?

    I color my hair atleast once in 15 days. Thing is basically root check up is what i do in the parlor (for you Hyderabad gals i get it done in ENVI in Inorbit) but my roots grey really quickly. Not sur eif its my age or my hair grows really fast but within 15 days the white begins to show 🙁 by the end of the month i wud look like a woman who hasnt bothered to take care of herself 🙁

    so do let me know. I do apologize for this really long post.

    • Hey Appu,

      I ain’t sure if u have time in ur hands but if u do then there is one of my mum’s recipes of making oil at home which she had been making till last year… she has now stopped as she’s aging and prefers relaxing 🙂

      But I have come across no oils in markets that match my mum’s oil. It is normal coconut base (i.e. any coconut oil tht one uses) with actual amla, aritha, rose petals, etc., etc. and that is boiled for a long time – like an hour or more. The oil tht’s prepared can be stored for more than a year. My mom use to make around 4-5 litres, I guess.

      If I get the recipe from Mom, will mail it to Anamika and she can post it if she would like to.

      Trust me, if one uses this oil twice a week, u don’t need to really bother which shampoo/mask u use or treatment u do… in fact while am writing this am thinking I shud ask mom to help me make it on one of the weekends

        • 🙂 I guess it is… believe it’s partly this oil and partly my parents genes that has gifted me with good hair … would love to share what has helped me and will be happy if it helps many more :heart:

        • Sure thing Appu. Will ask mamma to help me write the recipe over the weekend (only time when I’m a l’il free :giggle: ) and mail it to Anamika… Since the preparation involves adding all genuine stuff to the oil, am sure it’ll benefit at least to some extent to all if not totally… just that it requires one time ‘mehnat’ but then u can use it throughout the year or longer 🙂

  8. Ana.. have you tried The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter? There were good reviews abt it!! Can that be used instead of this loreal one (btw you dont sound too happy abt the pdt!!!)?? ?:-) :-/

  9. heyyyy ana .. very thoughtful post and you have put so many small details for all of us here …
    am gonna bookmark this for sure

    and heyyy hair wala smily
    we loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your hair :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  10. Hey Anamika…..n girls….!!
    Hieee…!!! 🙂
    Just awesome tips by all of u…!! I am a 24 yr old girl from Gurgaon,currently living in Meerut…..!! Need some help..girls..!! My hairs are turning grey…:( dun know why ???? but just have to keep coloring my hair every 2 weeks….my so tensed..its just gettng on my nerves…wut to do…which color shud i last long….

    Thanks a ton


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