How To Take Care Of Hair After Keratin Treatment?


How To Take Care Of Hair After Keratin Treatment?

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So recently I shared a post on Keratin Treatment Reviews, Benefits, Brand Product & Cost where I talked all about my Keratin Treatment and what products used and how it is done, cost etc. And since the time I have got this treatment I cannot express how manageable my hair has become and I can style it in so many ways because it looks healthy & is frizz-free all the time! Every hair flip makes me fall in love with my hair! 😀

How To Take Care Of Hair After Keratin Treatment

Well, today I am here to share some of the basic things you should keep in mind about the Hair Care after Keratin Treatment.

About Keratin Treatment: What it Does?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in our hair. It is the presence of this protein that creates a protective barrier around the hair to prevent any hair damage and keep it healthy. Sometimes, due to constant exposure to the sun, external pollution & use of chemicals for hair styling, this natural layer of keratin protein starts to deplete. Moreover, it eventually affects the hair and it starts looking damaged. It is due to this keratin depletion that your healthy hair gets dull & damaged.

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So, this treatment involves the application of an artificial layer of keratin to replenish the depleted keratin protein from your hair. This involves a series of process which makes it stay for few months.

How To Care For Keratin Protein Treated Hair?

So, I got my Keratin Treatment in the month of May just before I was leaving for a long holiday to Canada!

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So, even after roughly 3 months my hair seems to look so great and manageable because of some basic things which I did to ensure that I am not damaging the Keratin protein treatment on my hair and that has made all the difference! There are so many women who tell me how they experienced drastic hair fall or how their hair went back to being frizzy soon after the treatment! Well, yes if you don’t take care of your hair post Keratin Treatment all this may happen due to lack of proper care!

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So, here are some things you need to do after Keratin Treatment to make it last a longer time!

Do Not Wash Hair Post Keratin Treatment

When you get this treatment in the salon, the stylist always advice on refraining hair wash, sweating due to exercise or swimming or using any hair ties or clips on your hair! This way the keratin treatment done on your gets ample time to deeply penetrate and protect every strand of hair on your scalp! Use a dry shampoo if you have to go somewhere important or have a party!

Say No To Any Styling Product

Do not use any mousse or heat styling products! You can use a straighter but avoid applying too much of the product which you usually use while styling your hair!

Do Not Oil Your Hair

A strict No-No! Don’t use oil on your Keratin Treated hair it might just wash away the layer of keratin on your treated hair!

Don’t Wash Hair Too Frequently

Some women love to wash hair everyday but when your hair is treated with Keratin, avoid washing hair everyday instead do it every alternate day or just two times in a week to keep the Keratin intact for a loner while! Every time you wash your head, keratin also gets washed away gradually! Before swimming you can apply conditioner on your hair and wear a shower cap so that the chlorine in the water doesn’t damage your Keratin Protein treated hair!

Protect Hair From Sun

Make sure to wear a hat or a scarf in order to protect your hair from the damaging effects of sun! Even if you do not have keratin treatment done on your hair, you must avoid sun damage. It is not good for the skin & hair!

Using Right Products For Keratin Treated Hair

Use the right shampoo as told  by the stylist because keratin treated hair needs  special care. Use a shampoo & conditioner which is free from sulphates & paraben. It is right to use the right products for your after this treatment otherwise all the money you spent on this treatment might just go down the drain quickly!

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(Try buying these from the salon itself because there are lot of fake products in the market!)

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is another great way to make sure your Keratin Treated hair looks best even after weeks of getting it done! It protects the hair from excess humidity as well even if the Keratin treatment wears off after few months! You can simply apply the conditioning mask on hair and wrap a warm towel around your head to make sure the product penetrates deeply on your hair!

So, the thing is even if you got Keratin Treatment it doesn’t mean you can stop caring for your hair! You still need to do for better looking hair! Just like our skin which needs daily care to make it look beautiful and healthy everyday!

Checkout the video below to know how I cared for my Keratin treated hair that even after 3 months of it, my hair still looks so manageable & frizz free! 🙂


  1. Sach me, agar post care na ki jaye to result to kharab hona hi hai
    Mujhy yaad hai treatment k baad us garmi me 3 days hairs ko khol kar rakhna n sweating bhi na ho paye, meri to halat kharab ho gai thi

  2. yes, we should follow these things after Keratin Treatment to make it last a long time!
    thanx for this blog. this blog will help those who are not aware of what they have to after keratin Treatment.

  3. How can one not apply oil to ur scalp. My scalp is dry and needs conditioning. I need oil at least on my scalp once a week.

  4. My hairs are curly and very much dry and frizzy.. I want to do keratin treatment.. but I am worried that after the treatment it should not looked like straightening and smoothening. hairs should look its own way natural…After keratin treatment is hair looks natural?


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