How To Take Care Of Skin Before Playing Holi With Colors


How To Take Care Of Skin Before Playing Holi With Colors

Holi the color of festivals marks the victory of good over evil and is celebrated throughout India with lot of joy and glee. Delicious food & sweets, gulaal & colors and lots of music & dance are few things that describe the celebration of Holi the best.

It looks about all fun… Right!!!! But the after effects of Holi are not as delightful. Brittle nails, very dry & damaged hair, and an even worse skin condition is a common story for all those who play Holi. It is like a full trauma for you beauty, Holi in true terms play havoc with your skin and hair health, of course the harsh chemicals in colors are the reasons to be blamed for all the damage.


Holi safety tips

But all this should not prevent you from enjoying this fun filled festival. You should always prep your skin and hair to prevent damage caused due to colors play. Today I shall share some tips that will help you know how to take care of your skin and hair before playing Holi.

Read on to know.

Oiling/ Moisturizing

Oil Your Body

This is the most common and simplest way to protect your skin from the Holi damage. Heavily moisturize every bit of your body, your finger tips, behind the ears, neck, in middle of fingers & toes, apply on every inch of your body. And if you can then please opt for oiling your body for the day, this is what I prefer. Oil your body and face with olive oil or coconut oil, when I say oil your body I mean heavy oiling, the oil should be very evident, do not bother yourself for the greasy feeling this day.

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This will not only prevent chemicals colors in penetrating into skin but will also prevent them from sticking to your body due to the slippery feel. This will also ensure easy removal of color.

Apply Waterproof Sunscreen

Many may find the idea of applying sunscreen over oil totally absurd, but you got to trust me on this, this additional shield will protect your skin more.

Wash & Oil Your Hair

Oil Your Hair

Many may not prefer washing hair before Holi and believe that dirt in anyway will come off after you wash your hair post celebrating Holi, but this instead worsens the case. The pre-dirt in hair when mixed with colors causes more damage to hair. You should wash and condition your hair a day before Holi and oil your hair generously with mustard oil on the day of Holi. This will prevent colors form settling on your scalp.

Paint Your Nails

MUST HAVE OPI3 +opi-Black-cherry-chutney-on-my-nails

Do not ignore your nails, they too suffer a lot due to colors and moreover the stained nails look bad. Apply thick coats of the deepest shade of nail paint on your finger nails as well as toe nails. This will not only prevent your nails from staining but will also prevent damaging color to reach your nail bed, and will also not let your nails turn brittle.

Wear The Right Clothing

No matter what but ensure to keep your body covered as much as possible. Of course you have oiled your body but covering your body with proper clothes will only prevent your skin more. Wear full sleeve jeans & t-shirt, or any apparel that covers your body to the max.

Tie Your Hair

Finish twisting your hair until the end and tie off temporarily.

Do not let your hair loose. Tie your hair in a braid to prevent your hair from damage; women with short hair can try wearing cap or a bandana.

These are some must follow tips to take care of your skin & hair before playing Holi. Also avoid wearing contact lenses when you play Holi and if you experience irritation on any body part, then wash off immediately with cold water.
Remember Holi is a fun festival, so play safe with herbal colors and let the fun not subside.

Happy Holi Wiseshe Readers  🙂

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