How To Take Care Of Skin During Holi



Holi is here!! And I’m sure everyone must have planned their routine for this colorful day. But we all know that nowadays EVERYTHING is made of chemicals L which are not good for our skin. So, if you want to make your Holi memorable then it is advisable to follow the tips given below.

Holi safety tips


How To Take Care Of Skin During Holi:-

  • Cover your skin as much as possible by wearing full sleeves clothes to protect your skin.
  • Keep the skin moisturized in the exposed parts of your skin as it’ll work as a barrier between your skin and harsh colors of Holi. You can also apply olive oil as it is good for skin. Don’t forget to apply oil behind your ears, ear lobes and nails as these are points where the color actually tends to settle.
  • Apply sunscreen and thick coast of lip balm/Vaseline on your lips to protect them from color damage.
  • In case you get allergic to any of the colors, apply calamine lotion immediately to avoid getting rashes.
  • After playing Holi add two tablespoon of lime juice in curd and apply it on the areas having color. This way the color will definitely go off.
  • Don’t rub your skin with hard and rough brush as it can cause irritation.


How To Take Care Of Hair  During Holi:-

  • Your hairs tend to get damaged the most after Holi so it is really essential to oil hairs with warm coconut/castor/olive oil.
  • Braid the hair or tie it up — this will reduce the clean-up workload, post-festivity.
  • If you have sensitive scalp skin then add a few drops of lemon juice to avoid any infection elicited by the chemicals in colors.
  • Rinse your hair with plain water until all the color comes off. Then, use a gentle herbal shampoo to ensure any color in the scalp is also washed off. Keep in mind not to wash your hairs twice a day as it will make your hair drier.

How To Take Care Of Hair  During Holi:-

  • Apply Vaseline generously over and under the nails as this will guard them from staining.
  • To avoid stubborn color blots on nails, apply multiple coats of nail polish before playing Holi.

How To Take Care Of Feet On Holi :-

  • If the skin on your heels is cracked then wear socks and apply lots of olive oil on them as color can reach the cracks and stay there for months.

So, follow these tips and don’t let the chemicals ruin your festival.

Have safe and happy Holi ladies 🙂

How To Take Care Of Skin During Holi?

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  1. every body wants to play safe holi but some over enthusiastic players don’t listen even if u say no no!!
    holi should be pleasent.. :rose:

  2. My strategy is loads of moisturiser before playing Holi. I’ll be using EcoBeauty day cream which quite good and moisturises well.


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