How to take care of skin in winters

Saving your skin from getting damaged from cold waves is essential during winters. Your face skin requires more care than any other body part during winter as all other parts generally remain covered during this season. Different skin types need different care. Below are the methods which you can use during winters according to your skin type.

For dry skin
Dry skin turns darker and drier during winter. Dry skin looks torn and you can actually scratch your skin during this time and can see the light scratches as well. This takes away the shine from your face. To prevent the skin from these problems, always massage your face with a good moisturizer . Also massage your face and whole body with olive oil before taking bath. This will provide the required nutrition to the skin and your skin will become silky and shiny.

For oily skin
Take a tissue paper and rub it slightly on your face. If you find some oil or a greasy layer on your tissue then your skin is oily. This type of skin is more prone to acne and needs good care. Acne can completely destroy your skin beauty if not properly taken care of. Keeping oily skin clean is necessary as it attracts dirt due to stickiness. Oily skin not only needs to be clean but needs to be dried as well. For this cleansing milk, which is easily available in any cosmetic store, should be applied twice a day. Further, if you don’t want to buy cleansing milk then you can use Kachha milk(Milk which is fresh and not boiled). Using cleansing milk or fresh milk will remove the dirt which gets stuck in the pores. Albeit oily skin has more than required oil but still it gets dry in winter and loses it moisture. Therefore people with oily skin too should use moisturizer. General belief is that moisturizer should be used only for dry or normal skin. Still if you are apprehensive about using moisturizer then soak a small piece of cotton in Gulab jal and clean your skin with it. This is one of the best ways to clear oily skin.

For normal skin
Normal skin doesn’t require that much of attention as needed for oily or dry one but still one should pay attention to their skin to have long lasting ageless beauty. Firstly always use soap which has moisturizer into it. Also use moisturizer after taking bath and massage body with olive oil once. This adds shine to your skin and makes it smooth in touch.


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