How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Summers


How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Summers

We take care of our face, hair and how we look, but we often ignore the most important body part i.e., Our Feet!

Our feet go through a lot of stuff but are often neglected. Though many women claim to take care of their feet, but the current hot season requires some extra attention. To make your feet summer ready, pamper them a bit extra. Today I shall the same with you and help you know what all it takes to pamper your feet during summer. Just a few handy tips and you will have great feet for these summers, after all you need your feet to get you everywhere you need to go.


Beach Feet


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Choose Footwear With Care

Flip-flops are known as the carefree summer days foot wears, but overusing these can cause foot pain. Unlike other shoes that offer arch support, heel cushioning and shock absorption, flip-flops keep your feet flat as they pound the pavement, which puts undue pressure on the muscles, ligaments and joints in your feet and legs. Avoid wearing flip-flops when you have to do a lot of walking, and rather choose for well-fitting, high-quality sandals which have arch support.

Wash Them Twice/Thrice A Day

Wash Your Feet


Just like we wash our face& hands many times, we should also wash out feet, If not with soap all the time, you can simply wash with water at times. This will not only make your feet feel relaxed but will also avoid germs from building up. All that sweat can really cause some serious bacteria!

Don’t Go Barefoot!

No matter how tempted you are to kick off your sandals and walk around the pool club barefoot, but you should definitely fight the urge. Dirty feet, splinters and stubbed toes are the least of your problems. Public pools, bathrooms and showers are breeding grounds for gross germs and fungus. Keep your tootsies Athlete Foot-free and keep those flip-flops on! Be cautious when walking barefoot outside this summer so that you don’t step on anything that might hurt you or burn the soles of your feet on hot surfaces like concrete.

Ensure Regular Pedicures



Avoid problems like ingrown toenails and keep your feet looking their best by regular pedicure sessions.  You can always opt for salon pedicures or you also try doing a home pedicure. Remember to use foot sokas in hoem pedicures, they will give a more relaxing effect.



Moisturize feet

Never skip moisturizing your feet. Dry skin causes burning and itchy feet that can lead to unsightly, painful cracking. Encourage absorption and soft feet by applying the foot crème or foot balm at bedtime and also moisturize after shower.

Sun Block

Not only your face gets tanned but your feet tan too. Never skip applying sun block before stepping out. Apply a sunblock at least 20 minutes before stepping out in sun.


Walking is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your feet and help your feet stay healthy. This will also help your feet develop stamina to walk more and feel less painful. Stretching exercises help a lot in keeping feet healthy.

Foot Rub

We love wearing heals, but our feet by the end of the day are very tortured. Give your feet a foot rub with a golf or tennis ball. Sit and rub the ball from your heel up to your toes, spending extra time massaging the tenser areas. Take deep breathes while you roll to help oxygenate and relax your muscles. Do the same with other feet.

Chill Out

When the weather is hot and humid your toes swell and all of those fun, seasonal activities like outdoor jogs, hikes, aggravate and inflame your feet even more. To bring the swelling down after a long, hot day, soak your feet in a tub of ice water for 15 minutes. Then pat dry with a towel. Your feet will love the chilled out feel.

End The Day With A Royal Massage


Feet Massage

Treat your feet like royalty, at the end of a long tiring day, pamper your feet with a foot massage. This increases circulation and makes your feet feel relaxed

Now that you know how to treat your feet this summer, you can keep them healthy while enjoying all the fun and sun. Do follow these tips and pamper your feet to the fullest.

How do you take care of your feet in summer?

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