How to take care of your skin and hair during pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with some beauty benefits and problems such as extra kilos.But that doesn’t matter to many of us that is why even top Bollywood actresses who watch their every meal do not hesitate in taking up motherhood.
One needs to take extra care of their skin and hair when expecting and after the pregnancy too otherwise it can lead to many beauty menaces such as stretch marks, hair loss , pigmentation etc.
When one is pregnant estrogen level rises which makes hair healthy and thick but after the pregnancy when the estrogen level drops hair falls begins and in this women suffer quite a bit of hair loss.
Below are some tips to keep your hair healthy during and after pregnancy:-
1.Include green vegetables and dry fruits in your diet.
2.Oil your hair at least three times a week and wash it with a scalp cleanser.Do not use any chemical treatment while you are pregnant or during the post pregnancy period.
3.Do not die your hair during pregnancy.It is said that it harms the baby.Dieing can be replaced with mehandi though.
4. Our hair gets easily damaged when they are wet so it is always advised to use wide tooth comb when they are wet.
6.Go slow with hot iron or straightener. If required then use cool settings of the hair dryer or straightener.
Some women suffer from skin pigmentation during their pregnancy and some of their skin starts glowing.This happens due to increases hormones pigmentation which leads to slight brown patches on  face.

To protect your skin from skin pigmentation or any other problem below tips can help you out.
1.Use sunscreen all the time during pregnancy and do not go for facials as it may lead to acne or any other skin problem.
2.If you suffer from pimple problems then use salicylic acid face wash , antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide which has two percent gel at night on acne.
3.Use olive oil or Shea butter to avoid stretch marks and massage your body with warm olive oil .
As many women puts on  lot of weight during pregnancy their legs veins get enlarged.This can be avoided by trying out some easy exercises and increasing vitamin c  intake.Varose veins become normal or generally disappears after delivery so one should not worry about it much.
1. Avoid sun exposure during pregnancy and drink plenty of water.
2. Do not experiment with skin care products and if you notice any minor change in your skin then consult a doctor immediately.
P.S-You might be allergic to some oil or creams so please consult your doctor before using the above tips.
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