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Hi ladies,

By no means I’m a pro at this but considering my love for experimenting with make-up πŸ˜€ and photography( so called photography that I do :-P) I thought I’ve a little to share with you guys, which might be of some help πŸ™‚ This may not be the right way but it is just what helped me taking better pictures of me :-PWe all know no matter how good we look our camera just doesn’t cooperate and highlights even a minute flaw. Here are a few things I do to avoid that. Who knows, one of these might help you out :-)  Read on to know more.
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It is a must to exfoliate your skin before starting with make-up. It will leave you with a clean and fresh base just what you need. A good silicon based primer will give you the smoother and younger looking skin. yes! now you have the perfect canvas.


Any foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly is good. Make sure it has no spf in it to avoid those ghastly white pictures of you. And also avoid any mineral makeup products when you’re being photographed. The minerals can emphasize the appearance of fine lines in pictures. Using a stippling brush or a damp foundation sponge is best. Make sure you go for high definition products whenever you know you will be shot, that make sure you look flawless under the starkest lights. HD makeup is special created to perform it’s best under the lights and cameras. Makeup forever makes some amazing HD cosmetics and elf makes some real good dupes for them. Revlon’s much hyped photoready range has equally good products specially created to perform under the cameras.


Prime your eyes well with a specially designed eye primer to smoothen your skin, reduce the appearance of fine line, to ease application and increase the wear of your make-up. Conceal any dark area around your eyes with a HD concealer if you don’t want your concealed DC’s to show up in your gorgeous pics. You can go for any eye make-up of your choice. I suggest going for matte eye shadows over glittery ones, the shimmer particles draw a lot of attention. If you don’t want to go with matte shadows, you can choose the ones with very fine shimmer particles or the ones with pearl finish. Avoid lining your lower lash line if you have small eyes. Avoid dark eye shadows if you have dark circles and do not use eye shadow under eyes except at the outer corner. Use a mascara in shade or two darker than your actual eye lashes. make sure the mascara is fresh and is not thick to avoid clumped lashes, they don’t look too flattering πŸ˜›
Clean and well groomed eyebrows are equally important. Fill you brows with an eyeshadow two shades lighter than your hair color. More on filling brows here


If you don’t really fancy that cute puppy fat under your cheeks, and specially when you want to look hot and not cute in your pics πŸ˜› contouring is just what you need! It’s real simple, go for a contouring powder/ cream or blush or compact powders two shades darker than your skin tone, Using a fluffy tapered brush apply it on the hollow of your cheeks to the temples, start with a little and then build up to your liking, the key is to blend well, really. done! Contouring!


A blush is something you cannot skip on, specially when you’re being photographed. Choose any color that you’re comfortable with, minus the shimmers please. Whatever your face shape is, You need to have some flush of color on your cheek bones. Using a dense fluffy tapered brush, apply the color right under your cheek bone and shade it upwards to the temple and blend well. Don’t forget to run the same brush over your cheek bones too. This gives your face that much needed life. Check this awesome tute for more info on blush application here


Exfoliate your lips properly to avoid dry/ flaky lips in pictures. moisturize your lips 10 minutes before applying lip color, that gives your lips smooth and plumped look. Use a nude lip pencil to fill in your lips. Thin lips would want to outline the lips just above the natural lip line. Now fill you lips with a matte lip color of you choice and blot it. Now, if you have full lips, you can go for a second coat of the same lip color. or if you want fuller lips effect, use a lighter lip color on the inner side of your lips and blend it well into the first color, something like ombre lips but don’t let it show up. It is best to avoid any kind of gloss or shimmers as they don’t do good to the pictures and hence it’s best to use a lighter lip color than a gloss. If you are not into mattes then go for a creamy lip color minus any kind of shimmer and unnecessary sheen.


Highlighters definitely play an important part in getting you some good pictures, but again, you need to be really choosey as most of the highlighters contain high dose of shimmers. It’s simple, Highlighter is required the areas of your face where the light hits first and they look really beautiful when emphasized a little. Go for highlighters 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone with finely milled  glitters that just make you look radiant beautifully and not like a disco ball πŸ˜€

That’s all pretty ladies πŸ™‚ Hope I was of some help πŸ˜›

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  1. lovely post, i am yet to try MUFE HD foundation, i really wanna use it, not all HD foundations give better quality pics in flash light, they r meant for use for high quality videos, revlon photoready gives white cast in flash light πŸ™ it looks lovely in natural light lekin.

    • aww that means a lot πŸ™‚ thanq so much dear ^_^ wasn’t expecting this post will get so much of appreciation! This motivates me to do more πŸ˜›

  2. Shale – Makeup Guru.. U know so much dear at this early age..I envy u dear πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› keep it up.

    I love using blush and highlighters.. Contour sometimes !! πŸ˜€ great tips to try. Thank u πŸ™‚


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