How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Insecure Or Not



How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Insecure Or Not

We all have insecurities about something or the other at some point or other in our lives. We all suffer from some level of insecurities, but there are some people who have extreme cases of it.

Insecurity has a way of ruining even happiest of relationships.


Insecure relationship


So, today I’ll be discussing about the basic traits by which you can tell if your boyfriend is insecure or not.

Accuse you of flirting or cheating on him

Bf: why did you like payal’s picture on facebook yesterday?
Gf:.cause I liked it..!!
Bf: I hope it is not because Rahul was also in the picture.
Gf: Rahul? Who is Rahul?
Bf: Payal’s cousin…!!
Gf: Ohh..He is kinda nice person. But why would I like the picture just because of him?
BF: See..I knew it..I just knew that something is cooking around between you two.

Ahhh..Get a life Mr. Boyfriend. He acts like that likely because he thinks he’s not good enough for you and feels insure with the thought that you might discover that the grass is greener on the other side.

Over thinker..!!

BF messages: Hi, what you doing?
GF replies:- In the class baby, talk to you later..

And the boyfriend starts his own imaginary stories, “I know you are with that so called hunk of your college. And so you don’t have time for me. You are just trying to ignore me. I don’t have the muscles like him, and thus you are just trying to avoid me?” Sorry to say Mr. Bf, if that guy has muscles in his body, you have that in your head :-/


insecure boyfriend


Do you miss your Ex? Still love him?

Does he thinks or even asks you if you still think about your ex? Does he constantly or frequently compare himself with your ex-boyfriend?

Listen Mr. BF, you have to realize that everybody is going to have a past someone. Unless you are lucky to be someone’s first and last both. Those are just pasts, and there are reasons why they are in the past and not in the present. You are the present, and don’t spoil it.

He doesn’t want you to have any friends (especially male friends)

Let alone your ex, he won’t even allow you to spend time with your male friends. He is insecure and don’t want to share you. The height is when some of their kind doesn’t even allow their girlfriends to spend time with their girl troops. Having a life outside of him?? It means you’re sending him a message that your life doesn’t revolve around him, you no longer have time for him, you no longer love him and so on. He is over-jealous and over-possessive.

“I am a loser” and “I am not good enough for you”

I call them the compliment seekers. They’ll make deeming comments about themselves only to hear you say how great he is or how much you love him and think he’s a wonderful guy, or how much special he has turned your life into; he is one of a kind, etc etc. It is nice to compliment your boyfriends, but when it crosses the limit, he needs help.

The spies

He secretly checks your phone, your social media profiles when you are not around. Sometimes even openly, he looks over your shoulder when you receive a text. This is one of the most common signs of insecurity.

And if any day you change your password? “You changed your password? Are you cheating on me?


how to tell if your boyfriend is insecure


Insecurities are definitely not cool. It will drown you, rip you and tear you apart. And it will affect the person you are in relationship with you as well. In short, Insecurity will destroy it.

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