How To Treat Damaged Hair-Suggestions


Pushp asks,

I have dry damaged hair; can you gals suggest me some products and homemade remedies to treat my damaged hair?


How to damaged hair- suggestions




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  1. Hair can be damaged for various reasons….unhealthy diet, pollution, travelling, sun exposure etc. For things which have worked for me are – Cantharidine hair oil – I swear by this hair oil and have been using it for more than 25yrs now, over time it will improve the hair texture and protect it, it also helps in regrowing of hair.
    For hair loss try mintop hair solution from dr helped me a lot and you’ll see the difference in 2 weeks only with regular usage.
    For home remedies incorporate nuts in your diet like almonds, walnuts etc. Also make sure your iron n calcium content is normal and drink loads of water!
    Try using shampoos n conditioners free of silicons n sulphates
    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. hey pushp,
    use yoghurt on hair twice every week,do hot oil massage with mixure of oils like olive oil/coconut oil/sesame oil/ every week, :kissed: use fresh aloevera with hibiscus leaves as a hair mask, :clap: soak fenugreek seeds at night in curd and make it a paste by adding some more curd in the morning and apply to nourish the hair and increase its lenght…. :yes:
    aloevera and yoghurt can solve everything but be patient,it takes time… :heart:
    hope it helps…gud luck girl :-*

  3. OLIVE OIL.. is the best remedy!!

    whenever u wash ur hair..keep olive oil over night and wash next day..u will see ur hair has improved n will become soft and manageable again!

    also use LOREAL ABSOLUT REPAIR HAIR CONDITIONER its best for treated hair!

    luv n luck

    Ric! :-))

  4. i dont know why.. my hair is dry with oily roots… yoghurt n egg does not work on my hair at all…. i dont see any shine or softness.. why why… and i wash with mild shikakai mix not even shampoo… still nothing… 🙁

  5. Hi there,

    i’ve been going thru your posts for damaged hair.. Just a suggestion try using himalaya hair care products they are free from sodium and sulphates they work as a mild cleanser for your hair.

    Also you can Badam shirin oil it would reduce your hair fall and help grow new hair. Also avoid ironing, blow drying or curling your hair for few months so that your hair texture improves.

    Include nuts in your diest like walnut, almond and pistachio. Don’t take too much of stress eat right and take good amount of sleep.

    And if you want you can try doing keratin treatment that really helps and does miracle to your hair.. its my own experience i’d very dry and frizzy hair.. Thanks to the treatment its 5 months now and i’m happy how my hair looks now..

    God luck..

    Meenakshi :-))

  6. You might want to try this – go in for deep conditioning – warm some oil (any oil of your choice) and then wrap a towel soaked in lukewarm water over your head for a little while and then use a good hair pack like fenugreek paste with curd and eggs or henna. then wash it off.. do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, there will be definite improvement.
    Take care of your diet – lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, if possible eat a bowl of sprouts every single day, they take bland, but are packed with nutrients.
    Drink lots of water and sleep well.
    That was a looooong comment, hope you find it useful!

  7. hiiii pushp u can use fenugreek seeds as hair mask first soak it in water whole night then next day morning make it paste and mix with curd and apply ur hair for half hour and wash it use twice a week and after month use it once a week u get result

  8. Do add more nuts and take oil bath on alternate days..bcz talking head rinse daily will also lead to dry hair.
    Heat coconut oil and curry leaves, later filter the curry leaves and take an oil massage with it.
    Use mixture of oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and apply it and leave it on overnight n wash it in the morning.
    try to take food rich in iron.
    Give a lemon rinse after taking bath which will help to condition your hair.

  9. I use a great hair product that is helping me a lot, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which works amazing, it protects the hair, makes it stronger and keeps it soft, shiny and healthy. :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll:

  10. Interesting article! I love argan oil because it has tons of benefits and it’s super light on my hair, not greasy. I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil hair treatment and my hair is shinier, stronger, healthier and longer 🙂

  11. Try pure olive oil or pure coconut oil as a mask! Put it in your hair, comb it through and leave it for at least an hour or leave it overnight. It really helps with my dry and damaged hair! If you have split ends, put some extra product in your ends.
    When you style your hair, make sure you keep your hair moisturized well with products special for dry and damaged hair. And again: extra in the ends 🙂

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