How To Treat Oily Skin


How To Treat Oily Skin

Summers are almost here and we the oily-skinned people are already scared. I personally prefer summers to winters but my skin doesn’t. It becomes oily and sticky and remains so all the time. The weather of my city is not really humid and that helps a lot otherwise my face would look like a grease-ball.

Whatever is the type of weather, oily skin remains oily but that should not daunt you from caring for it. Here I have some tips on how to treat oily skin and some product suggestions-

Never Skip Cleansing


aromamagic neem teatree facewash

I know that you like to wash your skin throughout the day but this is not what you need to do. Keep your face clean at all times by washing it twice or maximum thrice a day. Use an oil-skin specific cleanser with ingredients like salicylic acid, neem, tea tree oil etc.

Too much washing removes even the required facial moisture which in turn leads sebaceous glands to produce more grease. You can try Pond’s face wash meant for oily skin, Himalaya neem face wash, Aroma Magic Neem and Tea tree face wash, Aroma Magic mint cleanser etc.

Tone Up


Fab India Tea Tree Toner
Fab India Tea Tree Toner

Toning helps oily skin a lot. It restores glow and helps in reducing pore size to some extent. Using an alcohol fee toner is advised as it will not irritate your skin and also will not dry it too much. Toner keeps skin clear of excess oil.

I love Fab India Tea Tree toner.

Scrub It


organic harvest exfoliating face scrub

Scrubbing is a must for every skin and it is no less important for oily skin. Regular scrubbing removes dirt and dead skin. It also clears excessive oil. The skin looks glowing and clear.

However oily your skin maybe but never use very harsh scrubs and do not use scrubs more than twice a week. Organic Harvest Scrub and Biotique Papaya scrub are quite suitable.

Hydrate Too


Neutrogena Oil Free Combination Skin Moisture Review+Oil free moisturiser reviews

This point is always repeated that oily skin types too need to keep themselves moisturized. Use an oil-free light moisturizer that will not clog your pores and will provide adequate hydration. Go for a water based moisturiser and use it daily. You can also use pure aloe vera gel to hydrate your skin which I prefer persoanlly though sometimes I use Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser too.

Mask It


tea tree oil face mask Body shop

Sometimes I feel really sad as I cannot use rich and creamy hydrating face packs as they will not suit my oily skin but still i use face packs that are meant to soothe my skin type. Use a face pack that clears skin of extra oil and also helps in preventing pimples. You can try homemade clay face packs or buy something from market. Face packs with tea tree oil work really well. I like The Body Shop Tea tree Face Mask. Khadi lemon and orange face pack also works well.

Eat These


Lemon fun targeted-glowing-methods

There is no substantial proof that oily and sugary foods can make skin too oily (Yeyeye!!) but there are some food items that can prevent your skin from getting too oily. Lemon and kiwi are the best foods to make oily skin behave better. Besides these include whole grains, nut and beans in your diet as they are full of vitamin B2 and B5. The deficiency of these two vitamins can also make your skin oily.

Did you like these tips on how to treat oily skin?

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  1. Great Tips Maits..using the Fabindia Tea tree skin toner these days..although I am a little lazy in using face masks..but I will try in the coming weeks!


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