How To Treat The Skin After A Grand Party!


How To Treat The Skin After A Grand Party!

Okay! So how do you take care of your skin after you have had a good party, may be say overnight party? Do you leave it as it is during the night or do you take care of it the next day or do you entirely ignore it? Well, if you identify with the last option, you better begin with a skin care regime than to complain and regret later.

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We must always follow a certain steps which are definitely required so that we do not regret it later on when we see something wrong appearing on our face. Firstly and fore mostly, even if we do not feel like doing something immediately or we sleep as we are totally out, we must remove our makeup at least and go to sleep. But the next day, the first step should be to cleanse and exfoliate our skin. This would lessen the damages that we might have caused to our skin last night.


Next step would be to apply a soothing mask that would hydrate your face again as it would have by now lost all its glow and essence. To have a healthy skin, we must such masks in our weekly regime.

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Also, try to reduce your under-eye puffiness by may be doing the tea-bag method as I shared in my last post or may be use a cucumber on your eyes. This would give required hydration to your eyes and reduce the puffiness and make you feel relieved and relaxed after a tired evening.


You could also use rose water dipped in cotton to relax and provide yourself a bit of much need hydration.

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After all this do not forget to moisturize your skin and lips. After you remove your lipstick, you must moisturize your lips to prevent any chapping or dryness that may appear.

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Also, try using some home-made face masks to provide much needed relaxation to yourself and you may also want to dip your hands and feet in warm water which is a way to relax as well as to have some bit of cleaning of the hands and legs also. While we are dancing, we never bother about the tiredness we would feel afterwards but then it is necessary to bring the body to normalcy by doing these methods of relaxation.

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Also, avoid caffeine and try and drink lots of water instead. You may have green tea as it does not dehydrate the skin unlike caffeine, which leads to dehydration and aggravates problems like puffiness, redness etc.

One must always avoid doing an eye makeup after you have had a hangover from the previous night already. This would further deteriorate the condition of your eyes and the areas around eyes.

Also, though I said that you may do the treatment the other day if you slept without doing it on the same night, we must try and do it the same day to avoid any unnecessary rashes, blemishes and breakouts. I hope you find this post useful and try and follow it. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, it is already time for parties and you would need these steps to be followed to save your skin. Have a nice time partying but do take care of yourself. Wish you a splendid time!

Have you tried these tips to replenish your skin after a big party?

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