How To Use Almonds In Skincare


How To Use Almonds In Skincare

Almonds, as we all know, are dry fruits and are literally small packets of nutrition and healthy vitamins which are really beneficial for the body. The presence of mono saturated fats in it makes it really healthy for the people who are at the risk of heart diseases!


almonds skin care


Almonds are naturally rich in vitamin E and other crucial vitamins which make it a great ingredient for skin care too!

We already know the enormous benefits of almond oil and how well it works in dealing with skin problems in the most effective and natural way.

Today, we will know mainly about how to use almonds in skincare routine.

You must have heard that soaked almonds have been considered as one of the best things which improves memory power in human beings, well, soaked almonds also find its use in skincare.

One can crush the soaked almonds to make a smooth past of it and use it in daily skin care. Almond is know to have enormous amounts of vitamin E which makes it a great moisturizing agent for the skin. It keeps the skin soft and smooth and retains proper amount of moisture to the skin.


almonds soaked and peeled


Almond paste can be used alone or along with other ingredients too. For instance, one can mix curd & lemon along with a smooth past of soaked almonds and use it on the face. Almonds work in keeping the skin nourished by hydrating it enough while curd and lemon reveal a brighter skin tone.

Oily skin beauties can replace curd with milk cream as it will not make their skin greasy.

DIY Ingredients For Almond Face Pack-

  • Curd/ Milk Cream
  • Lemon ( 2-3 drops)
  • Almond Paste ( from crushing soaked almonds)

Now when the almond are soaked, the peel of the almonds usually gets thrown away but we can also make use of that in skincare by using it as a mild scrubbing agent.

For that one needs to take the almond peels and along with little rice flour or crushed oatmeal can prepare a quick mild scrubbing mask for the skin. One can mix honey along so as to give it a gel based consistency so that it is easy to apply and use.


almond paste for skin


DIY Ingredients For Almond Peel Scrub

  • Rice flour/ Fine Oatmeal powder
  • Honey (2 tsp)
  • Almond peels ( crushed )

The almond peels are not useless at all and can be utilized in a great manner.

I hope you liked these two ideas of using soaked Almonds & almond peel in skincare.

Have you tried using Almonds in your skincare routine?

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