How to use Aroma Magic Tea Tree Oil – Suggestions



Hi All,

I am a 34 year old working woman and mother of 16 month old baby . I have recently purchased Aroma magic tea tree oil reading great reviews.
Can you please guide me with the ratio of using it for hair and for skin and different ways to use it, as mentioned it should be diluted before use.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in anticipation
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  1. Mix 5 drops of this essential oil with any carrier oil like olive, castor, almond or coconut oil and massage on your scalp, you can also mix 405 drops of this oil with aloevera gel and massage, i have no acne issues so i donot use it on face.

  2. Hey Girl! Tea Tree oil works best for acne reduction. I have using it for ages now. How to use it?

    You need Aroma Magic Calamine Pack and Tea Tree oil.
    Take a small porting of the calamine pack (About 2-3 pinches) mix it with 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil. Apply the pack ONLY on the acne and leave it overnight. See the acne subside or vanish the following morning. Works wonderfully on me. Try it.
    NEVER apply tea tree oil directly on skin it may scald the skin as its too strong.

  3. Tea tree oil is also great in combating dandruff and other infections of the scalp.Just add a couple of drops of it to any hair oil you use.

  4. i’m suddenly having an outburst on my face n 1 or 2 on my neck and behind my ears(can you imagine?!) and god knows what’s the reason! two days ago my skin was fine and the bumps pain like prickly heat..i was feeling feverish but did not take any medicines since I din think it’d be 100 or so but when i checked it was 100.3! i’m not sure if my body got overheated and is breaking out coz i din try aything new! 🙁 pls help sum1! 🙁 know what could lead to such sudden breakouts?

  5. Sukanya head to a doc .. And meanwhile apply calosoft lotion on the rashes.. Its a blend of calamine and aloevera .. But do not delay ur doc visit .. If a rash is accompnied hy fever there is a likelihood of chicken pox


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