How To Use Bath Bombs


How To Use Bath Bombs

Recently we covered a post on how to make bath bombs at home with some essential kitchen ingredients. Well, there are many people who are clueless about how to use bath bombs in actual so as to get the maximum benefit out of it!

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Bath bombs can be even purchased from stores who manufacture bath products on a commercial basis like Lush Cosmetics. You can get the yummiest bath bomb from them and enjoy a great bath experience using it!

So here is a quick post on how to use bath bombs in the best possible manner.

As we all are aware, bath bombs are made up of specific ingredients which creates an effervescence or fizz when it comes in contact with water which gives a unique tingling experience to the user inside the bath tub! These bath bombs are like any other soap or bath product at room temperature but as it comes in contact with water it starts fizzing out! It is a bath luxury and helps you relax in the shower with its unique feature of fizzing out!

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So lets look at the steps to correctly use a bath bomb!

  1. First of all you have to make sure that the bath bomb is placed in a place which is dry. As it comes in contact with water the frizzing action starts taking place so we try to keep it as far away from water.
  2. Now first of all if you have a bath tub then it is the best to enjoy the luxury of a bath bomb at home and rejuvenate the skin!
  3. You need to make sure how much product you want to use, usually you may cut the bath bomb in pieces and enjoy them for different days or just take the entire bath bomb and let the frizz relax your body. Since these bath bombs cost a lot, it is advised to always divide them for further uses!
  4. Now fill your bath tub with ample amount of water and let it stay still for a while. Never put the bath bomb in running water because then the effervescent action will go unnoticed.
  5. After filling the bath tub to its half, get inside the bath tub along with the bath bomb in your hand and far away from the level of water in the bath tub!

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  1. Now as you sit and relax take the bath bomb and put it just below the water level and the frizzing action will instantly start and you will easily notice that on your skin!
  2. Relax yourself and let the bath bomb moisturize your skin deeply leaving it soft and smooth.
  3. Bath bombs also tend to reduce the hardness of water which is a good thing for achieving healthy and smooth skin.
  4. Before buying take a sniff of the bath bomb as to it is pleasing your sense or not otherwise soaking yourself in that fragrance may not be a good idea if you are not fond of the particular fragrance.
  5. Make sure you do not add any liquid soap of bubble bath soap in the bath tub water. It is only the bath bomb that will go inside the water and give you a rich bathing experience! 🙂

Hope you are planning on to buying some bath bombs and experiencing the luxury!

Have you tried using a bath bomb recently?

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