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Today am here to share with you guys not one but many uses of a pore cleansing milk. It’s such a versatile product in your kitty and after reading this article I’m sure you will reach for it more often. Well, let’s quickly get down to the point.
skin feels dry and after cleansing? the cleansing milk is just the thing. Use cleansing milk in place of a foaming cleanser and in fact it is even better than cream cleansers. It cleanses your skin’s surface gently yet effectively and thoroughly without stripping natural oils off it.
Worried about over washing your face? I wash my face with my cleanser in the morning and at night before I sleep. But it’s a must for me to clean my face/ hands/ feet or even have a bath as soon as I return home. In that case I use my cleansing milk in place of my regular cleanser to ensure my skin is not stripped off it’s natural oils and love the results.

Double cleansing:

It is a Japanese technique of thoroughly cleansing the skin. First you use your cleansing milk and then wash your face with your regular cleanser to feel squeaky clean. this method ensures your skin is free of all the makeup/ dirt/ grease etc.

Use it as a massage cream:

I often tend use a  cleansing milk as a massage cream when my skin feels dull and then wipe it with a cotton pad and rinse off.Want to include a toner in your regimen? Toner works it’s best when it follows a mild cleanser and not a harsh chemical loaded cleanser. As foaming cleansers are already harsh on the skin and using a toner after that can do your skin more harm than good specially if you have dry/ sensitive skin type. Use cleansing milk in place of your regular cleanser and follow it up with a good toner to get the best results.
Not a fan of oil based makeup removers? Your cleansing milk will work good. Massage the cleansing milk gently on your skin focusing more on the areas like cheeks/ eyelids and lips. Though it cannot match the way oil works on the water proof makeup but you can go for the double cleansing technique to ensure you get rid of all the makeup and dirt.
It works really well for DIY manicure as well, all you need is to take a generous amount of cleansing milk on your palm and rub it on your hands doing one after the other or both together when you’re in hurry, putting a little pressure on knuckles/nails and then Wipe it off with a tissue or a cotton pad and rinse with plain water. Voila! you have clean, soft and beautiful hands and nails πŸ™‚
Deep pore Cleansing milk

How to use a cleansing milk:-


Take a coin sized amount of the lotion on your palm and apply it directly onto the skin and start massaging it in, wipe it off with a cotton ball/pad when you’re done.

Pour the lotion directly onto a cotton ball and wipe your skin with it for instant clean and supple skin.

Rinse your face with lukewarm water and follow up with a cleansing milk. Massage for a couple of minutes and then wipe off with a cotton ball. Rinse with plain water and follow up with a toner for a quick cleanup.After spending the whole day under the sun/ shopping around the streets of your favorite market or hanging out with friends for a fun filled day, all that demands some heavy duty cleansing at the end of the day. To ensure your skin is free of all the makeup/ dirt/ grime and grease that got accumulated on it, double cleansing is what you need. Massage your skin with a generous amount of cleansing milk focusing more on areas like cheeks/ nose and wherever you have large visible pores. Wipe it off and follow up with your regular facial cleanser for a squeaky clean skin.

Regular usage of cleansing milk in your skin care regimen will improve your skin’s texture and appearance and will do more good in the long run than a regular cleanser.  More about cleansing milk in part-2 πŸ™‚

P.s – Anamika , yesterday reviewed Clarins cleansing milk and gave it 5/5 ranking .You can read the review here 

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  1. Again a nice post Shale!!! Though I follow double cleansing whenever I come home after facing dirt & pollution, never knew that the process has ‘name & fame’ πŸ˜€
    using cleanser as massage cream & for mani r gr8 tips!

  2. Very well written post..and good you cleared out the doubts…. There are girls who ask me many times about cleansing milk and how to use it πŸ˜›

  3. very nice post shale! true.. most people goof up on basic cleansing. i follow double cleansing on a daily basis as i am very prone to acne

  4. wow shale..such a beautiful post. thanks for sharing these tips πŸ™‚ now i cannot resist myself from buying a cleansing milk. i am gonna grab one today

  5. Such a useful article! I use double cleansing everyday once I am back from work and since my skin is prone to acne. This way my skin feels clean and moisturized!

  6. Shale – this is one of your best post re πŸ™‚ m superb happy !! πŸ˜€

    I do double cleansing method and manicure one too πŸ˜› It really help imparting a nice glow to your skin. Indeed! And also if u do regular basis helps removing tan slowly as well πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  7. Can I have some drugstore brand suggestions for cleansing milk (without water)…. as I dont like washing my face at night as it makes me fresh… and cann’t sleep for another hour at least…

    I luv Nutrogena but that face wash… I used Royal Velvet (from Oriflame)…. but that starts to smell old and weird before I could finish the bottle….


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